Device Delivers Drugs To Brain Via Remote Control

Tiny, implantable devices are capable of delivering light or drugs to characteristic areas of the brain, potentially improving drug delivery to targeted regions of the brain and reducing margin effects. Eventually, the devices may subsist used to treat pain, depression, falling sickness and other neurological disorders in the community.
A team of researchers has developed a wireless emblematic legend the width of a human hair that have power to be implanted in the brain and activated ~ means of remote control to deliver drugs.

The technology, demonstrated since the first time in mice, single in kind day may be used to bargain pain, depression, epilepsy and other neurological disorders in the million by targeting therapies to specific brain circuits, according to the researchers at Washington University School of Medicine​ in St. Louis and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The examination is a major step forward in pharmacology and builds up~ the body earlier work in optogenetics, a technology that makes individual brain cells easily affected to light and then activates those targeted populations of cells by flashes of light. Because it’s not even now practical to re-engineer human neurons, the researchers made the puny wireless devices capable of delivering drugs forthwith into the brain, with the distant push of a button.


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