Food and genes: How genetic testing can fine-tune a healthy diet and guide nutritional supplement selection


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I am in such a manner excited to welcome Kelly Heim from Pure Encapsulations to Lyme Light Radio. Pure’s products are overpower grade and fundamental helpmates in restoration from Lyme disease and many inveterate illnesses. We are excited to learn besides about the philosophy from Pure Encapsulations and the enormous good work they can do in favor of so many of us in a nature now that is filled with toxins and bodies that are miserably suffering with depletions.

KHeimPhotoKelly C. Heim is a Nutritional Pharmacologist in Research and Development. He is a invest with a degree of Dartmouth Medical School, where he carefully read molecular pharmacology, epigenetics and functional genomics. His publications and lectures bring forth highlighted evolving concepts in polyphenol biochemistry, nutritional endocrinology and nutrigenomics.

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