from the African Origins of the “Major Western Religions” by Dr. Josef ben-Jochannan

July 17, 2015

from the African Origins of the “Major Western Religions” ~ the agency of Dr. Josef ben-Jochannan

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The whole concept of a “God” or “Gods” came on the ~side of the Nile valley African civilizations thousands about thousands of years before Sumner (The Kingdom of Hamurabi) was established together the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. That was besides than thousands of years before Abraham – the before anything else Hebrew (Jew) – was born in the city of Ur, Chaldea. This concept, what one. had gone through very extensive changes and revisions since thousands of years before the arrival of the Asian Jews, altogether seventy-seven (77) of them, in Africa, was in its pinnacle when Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph entered the district at the end of the Nile River – Sais, that they later called “Egypt.”

The home-grown Africans of Egypt had already be transformed into proficient in the sciences that allowed them to: (a) keep unimpaired their dead; (b) name the bodies in the of universe; (c) name their God and smaller Gods; (d) develop agriculture; (e) settle a Solar Calendar in 4,100 B.C.E.; (f) perform the operations indicated in a fertility control tampon recipe; (g) make temples to the Gods – including the universe wonder, the Sphinx of Gezeh (Giza); (h) be ~ed engineering; (i) develop medicine – including inner surgery; (j) develop pharmacology and multiplied other disciplines too numerous to try and plan or define at this time. They but also wrote poetry and short stories during said period along with their historical achievements in the sciences. All of this the molecular group of half-starving Asian Jews met, and were exposed to, from the actual first day they entered Africa loudly of the Asian desert, where they were nomads. At no time in their history is in that place any record of them being exposed to so knowledge before their encounter with the aboriginal Africans of the Nile Valley, who had firmly seated Sais, Egypt, for thousands of years in front of the Jews came. This, then appears to subsist the beginning of what is today called “Judaism, Judaeo-Christianity, Christianity,” and “Islam.” It is likewise the juncture that all of the concepts, subsist they material or spiritual, which are in at all manner connected to either of these commonly labelled “WESTERN RELIGIONS” originated.

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