Daily Draw: Minchiate Etruria ~ Ace of Swords

A troublesome decision or situation. Friday we went to Shelton to open up the last of mother’s things, mostly furniture. We had no idea in that place was anything of hers still kicking on all sides anywhere, let alone taking up someone’s company space. Someone who wasn’t tribe, to boot.

I’m reminded ~ means of this card it was a displeasing journey and difficult situation and decree admit I had to fall back on pharmacology to handle it. It seems to obtain kicked me back a few points mentally into that want of knowledge place. I wonder why those ribbons are ignoring weightiness? Fake it until you make it?

 “You be possible to have a seat in this chairman, after I cinch the noose encompassing my neck and you kick it through from under my legs.” ~ Jarod Kintz 1982-

Lo Scarabeo republication of a 18th century Florence Italy Etruria Minchiate ornament. Designed for gaming, there is none particular proscribed way of using them despite divination or introspection. A deck of 97 images; 41 majors, 12 zodiac signs, 4 virtues, 4 elements, in addition all the usual suspects in the minors and courts.

In event, it wouldn’t surprise me whether it is eventually found they incentive infertility, cysts, endometriosis, or worse.

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