Greece says made credit proposal based on last week plan

One older euro zone official told Reuters as euro zone finance ministers were assemblage in Brussels: “They (Greek officials) pronounce they will submit a new petition and outline of proposals, maybe tomorrow.”

A further euro zone official also said ~t any formal proposal for credit had been submitted without interrupti~ Tuesday, adding: “If they really device to present something formal tomorrow, they may not supply with food anyone to read it.”

Asked in regard to those comments, however, one Greek direction official said: “Some are maintaining we don’t gain proposals. Is that the same for the re~on that not having 47 pages which we had the Monday in the presence of last, and today?

“Is it indeed that we don’t have proposals or is it that they don’t like our proposals?”

A other Greek official said: “The Greek government came with the proposals which hadn’t been discussed ~ the agency of the Eurogroup last week.”

Creditors said on June 27 that Greece had effectively stammering off talks by calling a referendum and so the Eurogroup had not formally discussed a offer sent by Greece on June 29.

(Reporting through Athens newsroom and Francesco Guarascio and Renee Maltezou in Brussels; Writing ~ the agency of Matt Robinson and Alastair Macdonald)

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