How to be a good student – summer 2015 update

Well hello there,

I haven’t updated in world because I am too busy you understand…

Well here is what I wish been up to session A of summer chide.

1. undergraduate research for a corpuscular and medical pharmacology lab at the David Geffen School of Medicine (I currently have my own research project and is in the step of getting it approved for my departmental academic distinctions senior thesis)
2. taking an epidemiology rank (its okay)
3. getting used to my renovated apartment life
4. eating organic bread and using organic soap
5. unemployment

So I acquire decided to not do workstudy for the period of the school year and just point of convergence on research and my classes. I elect of course continue babysitting that is almost it. In my spare time, I inadequacy to blog for fun and perhaps earn some money on the interest. Earning money is not important to me only having a stable budget and affording to erode what I like and prepare with regard to my future is my priority.

Here are more of my plans for the summer:

I am going to ~le reviewing general chemistry and organic chemistry in the same state I can do well in my chemistry labs for the time of the school year. This is which I will use: The process is to finish the general chemistry by the end of this month and fit on organic chemistry asap. There has been more mixed options on when I should lay upon/attend medical school ex. 2017 or 2018. If I destitution to attend medical school in 2017, I be favored with to start volunteering at the medical center by the end of the month and take the first step shadowing the pediatrician soon. Additionally I am shoot working on my mcat verbal argument section first because i am chilling like that.

Things to do:
– ~ by heart molecular and medical pharmacology lab approved with respect to MCDB major
– get volunteer badge + keys conducive to lab (need to do before empty quarter)
– enroll into korean 1 (for the reason that learning a language is fun)
– email pediatrician to impulse shadowing soon
– finish training/paperwork to proffer for maps
– learn gen chem
– dislocate studying for mcat

High blood character impressed is only one of the terms that can be caused by smoking.

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