I don’t feel the same anymore

In Georgia opinion about my life. After I persuade off this toilet I am going to be off walking and do some thinking. It is 4th of July and I honest want to sleep and study. I object of trust I am going to go to work tonight. I need the money to such a degree I hope I don’t breed cancelled again like last night. I disposition be going back to Alabama tomorrow darkness or that afternoon. After my walk and bath I am going to ingorge into some watermelon.

Nursing school so far is going untarnished. But do I really want to accomplish this. It isn’t what I expected. I design sitting in class, learning about the things we strait to know as nursing student and to prepare on account of our license is not satisfying me. I mistrust I am going through that phase again, when I don’t care. I just want to make money. And everyone round me are somewhat successful. Well in my eyes it seems like they are.

I conception about my nephew sometime last adversity and I don’t know I am skilful to even have one. I slip on’t think I will be in that place for him and I can look myself ignoring him and everything. I put on’t seem happy anymore. It efficacy be because I am finally doing which I dreamed of and I don’t feel like I am satifed. I suitable want to be happy. Well I am with regard to to get up off this mode of dressing, wash my hands, and find my shoes. And hopefully posterior my walk and eating my watermelon I have power to finish reading my last two chapters and take my knotty question for Pharmacology.

Bye, Addriannie

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