I Graduated!

Finally hind 3 long (not long enough) sour years at the University of Liverpool I graduated by a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology (2:1) forward Wednesday. University has probably been the most expedient. see the various meanings of good experience i’ve had throughout my life and to a single one of you considering it, i would definitely normal say- do it! As long considered in the state of you don’t mind a messy kitchen now and again and mismatched furniture through NOWHERE to take decent blog photos, the convivial life, barely any responsibilities and the uni life atmosphere and the lifelong friends you fashion more than make up for it. 

I idea i’d write a few talk on what i actually studied in the same manner with I have never actually shared forward my blog the degree i was studying, for a like rea~n if you are not interested, please bound this next paragraph! I studied my class in Pharmacology, which is for those of you who aren’t conversible with it, basically the study of by what means drugs interact with our biological systems and the inquiry of new drug development. I in fact don’t know and cannot clear up how i became interested in this in the manner that a degree and when i pop ‘decided’ i wanted to study this line of conduct, because all i remember was arrival across the degree on the uni website and in the same manner with i was already doing well in maths, chemistry and biology i study ‘that sounds alright’. I didn’t get the start of how much i would love studying the mazy details of how scientists develop drugs and every part of the research that goes into irksome to design cures for crippling diseases. 

Now onto the great wide world and i’m compose not completely sure of what i inadequacy to do. One of my hamper priorities is to really put everything into my blog and memorize it growing again, as the past time few months of revision, being gravely ill and my month travelling in thailand esteem all taken a hit on the blog, nevertheless i plan to post so a great quantity more and i’m so light I can come back to it by a complete fresh start now. Anyway i contemplate forward to seeing you in my nearest post which will be a fold up of my month of backpacking globe Thailand.


Rachel x

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