Jennifer Pan hired hit man to kill parents

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Meet Jennifer Pan, a woman through Asian roots residing in Canada who hired couple men to kill her parents –who submitted her to years of sensitive like she was trapped –four years past.

Jennifer born in 1987,  is the rudimentary child of Canadian Immigrants Bich Ha and Huei Hann Pan. Her parents connubial in Toronto and lived in Scarborough, she has a brother ~ means of the name of Felix who was born in 1990.

Jennifer and her brother were submitted to years of tense rules by her parents who believed in impenetrable work and wanted the same on the side of their children.

According to recent reports a suckling hood friend of Pan, Karen K. Ho has revealed in a confess-all-memoir what her friend went from one side growing up with her parents.

Jennifer seamed like the idle fancy child, she was enrolled in multitude extracurricular activities including  piano lessons and floating but partying and dating were forbidden at her home.

Pan had a 10-month-lingering trial in which it was discovered she and her sooner or later boyfriend Daniel Wong plot to kill her parents after they discovered her hid life.

That secret life included Jennifer tegument up for her grades and her affecting of inadequacy.

She allegedly went viewed like afar as faking a scholarship and pretended to spree to college for a degree in pharmacology.

Reports express on November 8, 2010, gunmen entered the hotel through an unlocked door, killed her native and seriously wounded her father –shooting him twice, once in the face and any other in his shoulder and who miraculously survived.

At ~ and foremost she told police her parents had been the victims of a home invading. see the verb but by 2011 she was facing assassination charges.


She was sentenced to life in bridewell with no parole for 25 years in spite of first-degree murder and life because of attempted murder.

The Toronto Sun reports that Pan wearied years lying about her relationship with Wong and even lied to her parents touching attending a university–to which her creator paid tuition–in order to have existence with him
Jennifer in an try to cut lose form her parents was actually living with her boyfriend in a choke town, but once her father caught her he ordered her to be esteemed back home.

She ended up remunerative $10.000 to Lenford Crawford and David Mylvaganam to impel along the plan she had designed by her boyfriend.

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