Kilmainham Biopharmaceutical Services Provider PAREXEL Announces 130 New Jobs in Dublin 8 Area


Minister during the term of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, announced up~ the 27th July 2015, that PAREXEL International Corporation (NASDAQ: PRXL) is opportunity a new global decision-making hub for the Company in Kilmainham, Dublin 8. PAREXEL has plans to hire one additional 130 people over the next 12 to 18 months across tot~y areas of their business. These areas hold clinical, technology, legal, consulting, and logistics. Senior determination-making roles in the Kilmainham locating are also up for grabs and recruitment in opposition to these positions is now underway. Presently seventy employees are employed through their leading global biopharmaceutical services provider and social meeting.

“Life sciences are a clew sector which we have targeted being of the kind which part of our Action Plan concerning Jobs, and in recent years we desire seen an impressive jobs performance in this surface, both in Dublin and across the unrefined. Today’s announcement that PAREXEL is adding 130 jobs in Kilmainham is a countless boost and an example of the wide range of different types of jobs that Ireland be possible to attract in this sector. I consider forward to working closely with Douglas and the team at PAREXEL at the same time that they roll out this project,” the Minister before-mentioned.

Investment supported by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, is centre of life provided through IDA Ireland. PAREXEL operates in 80 locations in 51 countries round the world, with 17,440 employees worldwide in the third part quarter, with their headquarters located approach Boston, Massachusetts.

“Europe is of high standing to our growth and business generalship and Ireland specifically is a lock opener country from which we can with greater advantage serve our customers and continue our germination. This office will be a global resolution-making hub for our Company. Senior leaders based here will be making strategic decisions toward the Company worldwide, and this position will play a critical role in continuing to draw PAREXEL’s global brand to the universe,” said Douglas A. Batt, Senior Vice President and General Counsel according to PAREXEL.

IDA’s CEO Martin Shanahan afore~: “This is an endorsement of the skills profitable to biopharmaceutical companies here. PAREXEL be inclined be joining a very large collect together of biopharma companies that have before that time chosen Ireland as a place to locate matter.”

He also said: “PAREXEL’s determination to locate in Ireland is one endorsement of the skills available to biopharmaceutical companies in the present life. Ireland is the perfect place in which to locate a Global Hub – our establishing facilities access into Europe, the Middle East and farther afield. IDA Ireland has targeted the Life Sciences, and in special, the Biopharmaceuticals sector for several years it being so that.”

The IDA (Inward Investment Promotion Agency) partners through potential and existing investors to second them establish or expand their operations in Ireland and is a non-arising from traffic, semi-state body promoting foreign open investment in Ireland through a large range of services.

PAREXEL International Corporation is each organization that provides contract research, consulting, of the healing art communications, and technology solutions and services to industries in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medicals evasion sectors. Developing and commercialising drugs, clinical pharmacology, clinical trials transactions and medical education has made PAREXEL experts in the mart place.

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