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Hello, my adorable pea-pods.

So, we’ve established that my posting is extremely unconformable.  Sorry!  Before we be about into the main part of this put in the ~-office, let me tell you about more great tea.

At the store, I picked up this wonderful tulsi tea–my loved introduced tulsi tea to me for the period of the school year (thanks, Susanna).  Tulsi’s Latin designation is Ocimum tenuiflorum, and is furthermore known as holy basil.  It grows principally in India and Nepal–part of the Vaishnava Hindu traditions practice tulsi in religious ceremonies.  Additionally, it is distinguished for its essential oils and hale condition benefits, and overall is such a high time.  One study actually plant that tulsi actually reduces glucose, and in this way is a valuable dietary supplement–and be pleased also make you sleepy, which is why I drink it before bed (1).

I eternally like to have a rose decoction in my collection, specifically rosehip tea–whether you remember that tea post at all.  So the tea I’m talking round today is a sweet rose tulsi tea.  It’s absolutely delicious.  Here it is:

It’s milder, only with those very sweet notes.  It doesn’t request any sugar, but I always annex a little honey just to fabricate it extra special.  Definitely prodigious for those late night tea parties I solemnize holding for myself.


It’s that time of year again, my nectarines.  SCREAM IT WITH ME:














Some of you may remember be previous failures in April and July of 2014.  Not the inflection this year.  Oh, no.  I be disposed repeat my victory from November 2013 (time goes in the same manner fast…woah).  Writing actually begins in in all parts of two hours…I have an form, no idea where it will have effect, and an opening sentence to slap your socks off.  I’m to a high degree excited.  I’ve been actual on top of things in the creative division recently, and I’m not at the same time that busy as I usually am (allowing I am still hella busy).  I’ve enlisted a man and wife of friends to write with me (lookin’ at you Julie Day and Meghan O’Donnell).  This year, I’m going to have ~ing great.  It’ll be with greater advantage than the Women’s World Cup (usa usa USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

The conception I have some time to grant this project is that I’m popularly working as a tour guide at my corporation!  I work from 9-4 by some pretty fantastic people…which ways and ~ I have afternoons to pursue everything.  Hu-freakin’-zzah.  I miss my symphony camp, especially since a lot of commonalty I know are there right now…but would I be able to NaNo there?  Probably not.  So, drop me a line on the website allowing that you so desire:   http://campnanowrimo.org/campers/jenner-keen.

So, we all need some NaNo symphony.  Here it is:

Yes.  YES.  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.  Lord Huron is awesome.  Check them in a puzzle and research them.  They totally lull.  Yes.

Alright, well I obtain to prepare to write about my small literary world.  I’ll observe you all soon…I’ll try to update frequently (but we all know that it’s sympathetic of up in the air).  See you up~ the body the flip side, you beautiful pinecones.

Jenner Sharp

1. Agrawal, Rai, and Singh, “Randomized placebo-controlled, individual blind trial of holy basil foliage in patients with noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus,” isolate, International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 34, not at all. 9 (1996): [406-409].

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