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Literature Search is in fact referring to an elective course offered by Kulliyyah of Pharmacy (Faculty of Pharmacy), International Islamic University Malaysia with a view to Semester 1 of Year 3 students. Basically this course aims to introduce the students to the realm of researches which is much with reference to to those who have interest to engage in for postgraduate studies. Even the turn is supposed to be offered on the side of me in this upcoming September, toward half of my class had gone examining for lecturers which are going to subsist the supervisor.

However, prior searching as being a supervisor, I have met couple lecturers to get a bit other clear image on what is basically I’ll have ~ing doing if I’m going to list for the course. First and front I have gone to meet Dr. Marwan Saad Azzubaidi, a lecturer in Pharmacology who is likewise the course coordinator of the track. He explained that the course have power to be conducted in two ways, both the student prefers to prepare an academical review writing or preparing a frame for a real proper research what one. will be conducted in the posterior course, Research Project I. The scrutiny will be reflected on how the frame is being written, i.e. admitting that the framework necessitates the methodology heavily relies forward laboratory equipment thus the research pleasure be a lab research and on the supposition that the framework states that the methodology bequeath be based on statistical survey forward a selected group of respondents, so the research will never involve at all laboratory equipment and practice.

Secondly, I bring forth met my Physiology lecturer, Dr. Amira Hajirah Abd Jamil, who has concrete herself a wonderful milestone in the narrative of our faculty graduates. She yet explained the course from another survey. She said that some students volition not be that interested for pursuing Research Project behavior as it requires lots of time operating in the laboratory settings (in ill-defined) thus she advocated me to single conduct an academical paper review. She shared some of her experience when taking the chase during her undergraduate ages and she related that she only performed an academical drafts review on the metabolism of lipoprotein-A and interestingly, her Literature Search surrender copy has been the ticket on the side of her getting to Oxford University pursuing her postgraduate studies.

Now, on this account that the biggest question, why am I in the same manner immensely interested to take this Literature Search race? The answer is undeniably going to have ~ing very long and that is why I blog it! 

As during myself, I see this course to the degree that a good opportunity for me to widen and lower my knowledge on the field I venus primarily and secondly, this course is a mean for me to put on a fitting writing on an academical discussion. Since I enrolled into this ability I have always been awed by a number of the lecturers who are in reality experts in their respective specialisation. I be under the necessity always adored whenever these lecturers are adroit to convey the extensive and complicated sentences from the indistinct textbooks into basic and meaningful denunciation to their students. Whenever they’ll have existence needing for a proper good archetype and analogy to ease our understanding, they can easily come up through feasible points and elaboration in the nick of time. Such teaching does not solitary require into single referencing but I give faith to they have been dedicating a assign of their time to grab in the manner that much knowledge as they could ~ dint of. reading colossal amount of materials. “I’m in such a manner impressed of him/her!” has to the end of time been popping on top of my chief whenever I get to understand sure complicated points in the class.

“I be in need of to be like them.”

This is the capital key to everything.

Yes. I am impressed with their intelligence and virtues. Even my current CGPA is not within the range to be proud or exultant, my positive of mind has continually believed that knowledge belongs to anyone who desires them through heart and soul. I may not have ~ing diligent like some of the smarty pants in my rank but I have always said to myself as antidote to never easily giving up on matter I love. 

As in the period of June, I have started steady the baby steps of doing my belles-lettres search so that I won’t have existence rushing for its completion when the next semester starts. It’s not that flowing as my passion might always oblige me as in order to continue the momentum, the job is in no degree been easy but with Allah’s helps, ~t any job will ever be impossible. So, amidst in acting in the evening hours as a lieutenant teacher, again, I have find my time allocated during doing this course this holiday has neat quite constricted. Well, then again, there should be no reason to repeat that I cannot find for each ample time.

So, I shall endure on this in my next put in the ledger and I’ll share a tittle more on my supervisor and the principle I have chose to conduct and hopefully I be possible to be persistent enough to write forward this small journey of conducting this lore search as at least a without arrogance milestone for myself.

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