Not Your Ordinary “Botikera”

Who could accept thought I was able to supply with food time on writing in this blog again? After a couple of years, I believe this may be a perfect timing notwithstanding me to write everything about the kind of’s inside me. I’ll be honest, when I was in third year high school I got not at all plans for my college, I don’t know what course to take and no idea of what I really privation to be in the future. Maybe it’s in the character of a person to ask other the vulgar’s opinion or suggestion of social courses and try to consider them. Then we had this mini mention in speaking with my parents on what I veritably wanted in the future. I was staying for their advice and finally they were adroit to suggest a course which is certainly not lacking in proper reserve to me. At first I am slowly acquirement encouraged of considering it due to the exciting plans of my parents. They wanted me to construction up a community drugstore, then took remedial agent afterwards, so I can also oblige up a clinic beside my drugstore, and I be able to practice two professions at the corresponding; of like kind time. That sounded great to me. I was same amused by that time and subsequently thinking about those plans I was adroit to set my mind to take my pre-med Pharmacy, enact the board exam and get my RPh License, in consequence take medicine and pass the boards again, then get my second license. I always wanted to be a medical practitioner. I wanted to serve the vulgar, and know everything when it comes to health.

Pharmacy is undeniably an underrated occupation in the Philippines, and I am sensible of that. Before I took the process, I’ve always viewed Pharmacists taken in the character of drug vendors, someone who asks the kind of medicines we want to buy, accept our money and give the medicines we shortness. I don’t even know Pharmacists privation to take this licensure exam to in conclusion practice their profession. Honestly, as I commence upon the school I was enrolling in, I am fragment unsure if I should pursue this. But hereafter I remembered, I will be a physician anyways, so I don’t lack to be called a Pharmacist and called “tindera ng gamot”. So I continued it, that time I knew I can never wont two professions at the same time. I have power to only acquire one license, so admitting that I decided to be a physician, I should give up my disorder of being a pharmacist. I can only be either a Pharmacist or a Physician. So which path should I choose?

Now I’m forward my final lap, my last year of teaching to be a licensed pharmacist, and I was adroit to fully understand this profession, the struggle they take to undergo and the efforts they consider to dedicate to claim the name RPh on their last names. I could speak you this is totally not a joke. Sleepless nights, sagging eyebags, stressful days are without interrupti~ the routine of almost all the Pharmacy students. Then I came to realize, there is more of what my pretence can bring than what others suppose of what we can do. (nakakalito ba,? intindihin niyo nalang) We don’t study heavy and thick Pharmacology books suitable to be a salesman. Pharmacy is not pure mere selling of drugs, there are due these Pharmacists who came to make less their works and be contented of the sort of they typically do. Pharmacists must and should be the real DRUG EXPERTS. They are expected to be aware of all about medications and best ways of treating soundness problems. Pharmacists are expected to execute the medication AND educate the sick person on all the information about the drug they are going to take. I destitution to be one of them. I need to be a real Pharmacist, a actual drug expert who knows what she should swindle. And all this things will exist possible if I prepare myself well notwithstanding it.

Before, taking Pharmacy for me is right a way to be a Physician, if it were not that now, I already understood what I in truth want. I WANT TO BE A LICENSED PHARMACIST and that’s it. I knowing to love my craft. I command not continue my past desire of substance a doctor. Yes, being a doctor is my dream before. But at this time, I really wanted to be a Pharmacist. I decision be one of the few people who will change the impression of others. I direct be a real drug expert who have a mind initiate change and do the calling as expected. I will change the apprehension of others on Pharmacists. Because life a Pharmacist is not just your common botikero/botikera, because we may carry off you in just a single pill. Lol kidding!

Being a graduating Pharmacy learner seems to be a lot of straits is taking me. But I am hoping someday, ~ the agency of the time I have surpassed total the efforts and studying, all my difficult works will pay off. Yes, I may exist having a hard time remembering quite these thousands of drugs, but I comprehend for myself, this will all have ~ing worth it in the end. Most importantly, I am to a high degree proud to say that as of this impetus, I love what I am doing.

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