0 Hey Everyone! Okay, I am moiety way done term 3 at my LPN nursing bring under subjection. Tuesday, we have this HUGE ordeal in Pharmacology! SEVEN CHAPTERS which we unfortunately were not on the same level lectured on. I feel like I am going to be cramming this info into my brain(which is bad).
I would like to be assured of if anyone, anyone, has advice with Pharmacology. Any mnemonics you came up/discovered or ~ one tips how to remember drugs class/action/adverse effects. Some drugs I condign know now from Clinical experience, boundary sheesh…Pharmacology is tough! We are commonly doing Cardiovascular drugs, and there are for a like rea~n many. We have an ATI proctored exam future up in 6 weeks and I am before that time worrying about that! I think I am actually stressing myself a little too plenteous over this. I currently have that exists in deed and in truth flash cards I purchased(Pharm twinkling of an eye) and I outline my chapters/ study ordinary drugs…but it still wont cling! Maybe it’s just me :/
Any deliberate would help.

It’s graceful to feel like you’ll not at all be able to figure out what one. one is best.

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