Pharmacy Daily for Thu 02 Jul 2015 – New degrees from Griffith, SHPA urges funding innovation, GPs pro pharmacists, Travel Specials and much more


Thursday 02 Jul 2015


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What carry into effect you do when you like crocheng if it be not that found the market for the tradional teapot include

has dried up?The whimsically named Gypsy

Apple Luck, 39, from Northland,

New Zealand, has started

crocheng some and everything from food, to ripe toys to (and

here’s the curative link) body organs, according to


She started with a uterus (why

not?), then by slow degrees completed as many organs as she could including a ~tled of lungs and

kidneys (


), eyes and greater amount of.


case you felt red Tuesday

night… you had an extra long light of ~.

A whole second, a “jump over-second”, was added to your time at

the end of June to bear with the earth

to catch up through atomic me.

Apparently it’s every one of to do with the

rate of deteriorate of cesium atoms –

which is obviously more accurate

than the slowing earth’s rotaforward.

Snow Romance at QT Falls Creek


Falls Creek has announced a unused package perfect for couples looking to tag a bit of luxury to their snow actual observation.Two nights’ accommodation for two in a QT one-bedroom apartment with breakfast for brace daily, dinner for two on the aid night and two QT robes bequeath cost you $761 per night.The deal is available to book from now to 04 Sep by travel dates 13 Jun to 06 Sep 2015, although blackout dates do apply.See

Free unit-way business class airfare to China


specialists Wendy Wu

Tours bring forth released a new oer

of a release one way business class

airfare to China ying China

Southern Airlines without ceasing a range of China fully including both group tours departing between 06 Oct and 10 Nov this year – but be quick this special is simply available when you book between 01 and 15 Jul.

The oer is good for passengers

departing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.Contact Wendy Wu Tours without interrupti~ 1300-727-998 or visit the website:

Tav Spcias

Organ donor support


who provide leave to employees who are

donang their organs order receive extra support from the Health

Department considered in the state of of this month.

Assistant Minister in quest of Health

Fiona Nash announced a 50%

increase on the period of me

instead of which the government pays

employers in that situaup~ the body.“We are proud to offer the Supporng Leave for Living Organ

Donors Programme from six weeks

to nine,” Nash uttered.

“The programme aims to

remunerate for the me o

drudge associated with living organ

donaput ~ and encourage employers

to support employees who fix upon

to donate an organ.”

PHARMAC contracts


Zealand’s Pharmaceucal Management Agency (PHARMAC)

has announced contracts conducive to the

supply of medicaons.The necessary sole-supply winners include Pzer, Apotex, Hospira, API,

Actavis, MundiPharma, AFT, Mylan and Radiant.

Hospital accommodate with contract winners are also listed including GSK, Pzer, Actavis, AFT, API, Jaychem, Baxter,

Apotex, MundiPharma and Mylan.

 Products as antidote to which PHARMAC

does not intend to adjudication sole supply or hospital supply condition are

also listed –

 to addition.

BC screen rates down


cancer screening rates regard dropped, according to new data released from the Australian

Instute of Health and Welfare.Parcipaforward rates for women

aged 50 to 69 acquire fallen from a

high of 57.6% in 2001-02 to 53.7% in 2013-14, the give an account of said.A recent major internaonal separation from the Internaonal

Agency since Research on Cancer

(IARC) conrmed the life-frugal benets of screening

mammography by a 23%

reducon in the endanger of breast

cancer.Chair of Cancer Council Australia’s

Screening and Immunisaup~ the body Commiee, Associate Professor Karen Canfell, afore~ the IARC analysis

implied thousands of untimely breast cancer deaths were prevented above the past 20 years, “a affix a ~ to that would be increased

if to a greater degree women parcipated in the screening program.”

TGA fees update


Therapeuc Goods Administrain successi~ (TGA) has

published an update of its fees

and charges around prescripon and non-prescripon medicines,

listed medicines, devices,

good manufacturing pracces, adverhum and the Annual Charge Exempput ~ (ACE) scheme and other charges –

 to entry.

Unwanted side effects Acne cases are a upright skin disease us – statistics claim that touching 60 million Americans have active acne.

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