Pre-prints: just do it?

There is moment building behind the adoption of pre-press servers in the life sciences. Ron Vale, a professor of honey-combed and molecular pharmacology at UCSF and Lasker Award winner, has true added a further powerful impulse to this move in the form, appropriately, of a pre-impress posted to the bioRxiv just a hardly any days ago.

If you are a researcher and haven’t yet thought seriously about pre-prints, please learned Vale’s article. It is circumspect and accessible (and there is a droll section in which he imagines the reply of modern-day reviewers to Watson and Crick’s 1953 wall-~ on the structure of DNA). His argumentation is built on the concern that there has been a perceptible increase through the whole extent of the last thirty years in the total of experimental data – and by consequence work – required for PhD students to receive their first major publication.

Vale argues that this is a outcome of the increased competition within the life sciences, what one. is focused on restricted access to ‘surmount journals’ and is in turn owing to the powerful hold that diary impact factors now have over people’s careers.  Read more…

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