Richmond Pharmacology update

Here is a quick record about yesterday’s hearing. Judgment is expected nearest week. 

The judge grasped the consequence of trial registration and when he took into advantage. our and the HRA’s make manifest on legal and ethical obligations to register trials he found that Richmond was left with an extraordinarily narrow argument. It seems the matter of inquiry will come down to some words in a Q&A ~ward HRA’s website that wasn’t amended at the same time taken in the character of the sponsors’ declaration was. And in that case whether the ambiguity was significant.

We are so pleased we decided to intervene in the covering. The court could find for Richmond forward this very narrow point but it ended up exactly where we thought it should be: a principled discussion in which the judge seemed to grasp the issues well, the removal of Richmond’s vast claims that no registration was legally required and that the HRA was action unlawfully, and alighting on a niggardly matter for decision that will not pack close on how trials are run or forward the EU rules coming into commit a rape on next year. Of course we would consider liked the case refused altogether in place of it wasting public funds, which will be a lot if HRA has to pay Richmond’s costs. 

Based put ~ what was said in court, we are hopeful too that the court will find that the HRA has been going not far from its proper business promoting clinical tribulation registration. We are pleased that the hold ignored Richmond’s attempts to discredit AllTrials, and in fact that these appeared to backfire.

We decree share the transcript of yesterday’s hearing as soon as we have it. I speculate you’ll enjoy reading it! 

When the sit in judgment at the hearing yesterday heard that the HRA does not pass off any sanctions on trial sponsors who don’t register their trials properly he reported, “well, they should.” 

Our legal team was amazing – solicitor Robert Dougans and attorney at law Jonathan Price – before during and hinder. If any of you read L Phillips’ modern speech asking where are the lawyers who are motivated overhead all by the pursuit of fair play, well we know them. 

(Tracey Brown is especially acceptable for their patience with her unremitting flow of notes and questions) 

Also yesterday, the pharmaceutical sedulousness body EMIG said that Richmond’s actions grant not represent the views of the rest of activity. Mark Edwards, the CEO, said that the capsule could have a disastrous effect in c~tinuance the industry. Read EMIGs letter to this place. It contradicts Richmond’s claim to the court that its concerns are figurative. Some of you have told us that but EMIG declared it publicly, which matters. 

Thank you for a like rea~n much to those who came to court yesterday and sent messages of uphold. As well as the judgment, take notice out for some other big information stories from AllTrials next week: we can’t wait to tell you which your support has helped to do.



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Director of Campaigns

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