Same old brain, same old heart…

Down and about on Sparrow drive, left onto Villiers, appropriate onto 14th, right onto Water rd, the whole of the way down untill it turns a pointed right into 5th, then left onto Prospect rd, erect into 4th, left into Fordyce, unswerving into 1st then left into Heugh rd. It eventually becomes Walmer Boulevard impel and I have to decide between taking a right onto Forest Hill rd what one. will take me past the airport hereafter back toward home for what ends up existence a 16km run. Alternatively I could guard going on Walmer Boulevard and eventually be altered right onto Humewood road and popular censure along the beach front into Summerstrand with regard to what ends up being a 24 or 25km follow. Either way I usually end up back attached Villiers pushing along the last 3 or 4km, a same slight uphill to the end of my step quickly.

I live in Walmer now, ~-house in Port Elizabeth. It is July and effectively the 3rd month of a newly come year for me. So new beginnings, renovated running routes, new legs (kinda feels like that

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