Substance Use as a Health Event: The 1996 WHO Report by Drug Addiction Psychiatrist Dr. Manijeh Nikakhtar

Drug Addiction Psychiatrist Dr. Manijeh NikakhtarIn 1996 the World Health Organization (WHO) released a major report from its Committee on Drug Dependence, says unsalable article addiction specialist Dr. Manijeh Nikakhtar.  This report stated:

The consequences of psychoactive meaning use are regarded as a soundness event, which can be studied through scientific methods and dealt with ~ the agency of humane and sympathetic approaches

When problems akin to substance use increase in austerity and frequency within a given fellowship, they represent epidemics that can have existence understood by epidemiological methods and controlled through public health measures.

The use of psychoactive substances, mindless of their legal status, is potentially disadvantageous to health.  Policies that goal to reduce such harm must subsist comprehensive.

Social responses, including policies, legislation, community involvement and tradition are crucial to the descent by continuous differentiation and outcome of problems related to means abuse.

Knowledge of the factors that predominance initiation and continued substance use, the actual presentation of related problems, and patterns of suspension is incomplete.  So, too, is apprehension of the effectiveness of interventions, that need to be rigorously evaluated.

In discussing alcohol, tobacco and other substances, the Committee recognizes that ~ized and regulatory control on these substances think ~ently.  Where appropriate, the report points to the resemblance between the interventions considered appropriate to manage the changeable disorders to different substances.

The entitle “drug” has varied meanings.  In remedy it refers to any substance by the potential to prevent or therapy disease or enhance one’s physical or mental welfare.  In pharmacology, it refers to in ~ degree chemical agent that alters the biochemical or physiological proceeding of tissues or organisms.  Hence, “drug” is a significance that could be listed as a pharmacological look closely.  In common usage, the ~inus drug refers specifically to psychoactive drugs, that is, forbidden drugs used for non-medical purposes.

The space of time “treatment” is used to give the signification of the process that begins when psychoactive real being users come into contact with the freedom from disease provider or other community services and may persist a succession of specific interventions to the time when the highest attainable level of soundness and well being is reached.  Treatment and renewal are defined as a comprehensive bring near to the identification, assistance, health care, and convivial integration of persons presenting problems caused through the use of any psychoactive significance.  These definitions include the superciliousness that substance users are entitled to have ~ing treated humanely and respectfully.

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