The Drug Rep Dilemma

I attend pharmaceutical dinners every once in for a time because: 1) I like to stay up to be reckoned with all the new drugs (or suitable a slightly modified version of the generic, further with a much fancier name and packaging); 2) Though I’m individual years out of med school/residency, any thing I have maintained from those determinative years is the mentality where I’d not at any time pass up a free meal.  I comprehend that pharmaceutical sales representatives (also known in the same manner with drug reps) have been banned and limited in several institutions, and I completely understand the ratiocination (it has been shown that remedy reps’ marketing tactics influence physicians to frame prescriptions they typically would not scrawl, thus boosting pharmaceutical sales).  However, I in addition think it’s important for physicians to have ~ing self-aware of their existence and sway in order to make conscious decisions put ~ their own.

A few months gone, I attended a pharmaceutical dinner sponsored ~ dint of. the manufacturer of one of the newest psychiatric medications.  These dinners always feature a physician, who describes the medication (the pharmacology, indications, verge effects, etc), explains the existing careful search in support of the medication, and leads a debating and answers clinical questions.  My beginning impression of the night’s presenting healer: charming, and since his introduction boasts the scrutiny he conducts at a prestigious universal school, he must be highly reputable and discerning.  But, as his talk progressed, I realized to what degree narcissistic and full of sh** he was.  I sat in the same front, yet chuckled to myself and assumed every other clinician in this apartment picked up on his suave, thus far unconvincing tactics.  I mean, who was this guy grievous to fool by flaunting his European cadence and stories of trips around the earth??

However, I looked around the occasion and the entire audience of doctors and other clinicians were mirthful and smiling in awe.  I tried to hide my superciliousness and cringing facial expressions, but I sat at the real front of the room, so I’m fully convinced others noticed. Or maybe not…I imply, everyone in the room was mesmerized through this guy!  I figured that I should refocus my thoughts and bestow him another chance and caught up exact in time to hear about his stumble to Europe.  I shook my upper part and thought to myself, “wow, have power to you believe this guy?  And he gets paid tons of standard of value to attend this dinner and speak about himself?”  I smirked and assumed his current, pointless record-telling (aren’t we supposed to exist discussing the medication?) would be convincing sufficiency to prove his bullsh**, fake persona, thus I turned to look at the audience assuming others would catch on.  Still, every one of smiles.

At the end of the dinner, I rest myself in a dilemma as I had to thrust this man on my way fully as I left the dining range.  I contemplated whether I should act virtuous as fake as his schmoozing and repeat something along the lines of “hey, ample presentation” or should I challenge some of the comments he made?  I firmly seated for a more neutral comment and told him “expressions of gratitude, you are very entertaining” as I shook his share and smiled.

Then, I realized at that extremely moment I became just like everyone else in the audience who commended and complimented him.  For a temporal, quick second I even contemplated prescribing the medication.  The contemplation of prescribing the medication was sharp-lived, for, after I left the eating-house, I snapped out of it and wished I gave him a melodrama of my mind.

I thought, “oh well, instead I’ll just stick with my guns and won’t be overly influenced to appoint the med, unless clinically indicated.” (I’d not at all deprive my patients of a medication that efficacy possibly help).  I now bring into being even more why pharmaceutical companies used to not seldom provide fancy trips, extravagant dinners, and lavish novelties before policies/rules became else stringent.  The speakers and mix with ~s reps can be quite hypnotic and mesmerizing, on the other hand it’s our duty not to exist fooled by any marketing tactics.

Or consider I already been swayed?

Shortly hind taking the medication (within a month) I had my foremost-ever gout attack.

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