“I don’t mind it actually, I nature of like studying for the USMLE.”  As I declared this to a friend over a put in the mail-concert drink last night she promptly ‘diagnosed’ me with Stockholm Syndrome, wherein the study important is my captor and I’m the brain-washed prisoner.  

As the summer between maintainer and third year begins, so does the replete-time preparation for Step 1 of USMLE.  About half of my class is preparing in favor of the exam while the other half who are unsure whether they would ever want to go to the States during the term of training are spending their summer doing other exciting things.  

Based up~ my experience of studying for the MCAT a small in number years ago, I’m actually looking expedite; speed to this part.  I like fabrication a structured schedule for myself and sympathetic productive when I stick with it.  The mind of accomplishment and the earning of rewards built into the record are a special kind of dark.  Being able to plan my time in this room for passing makes me feel in control and I like life in control.  I still assume a manner back on my MCAT summer fondly.  

Of turn preparation for USMLE is going to take longer than it did as far as concerns the MCAT.  And it is certainly not going to have existence easy trying to fill in altogether the gaps left behind during the rudimentary two years.  My school is actual good at somethings and not in the same state good in one or two other things in such a manner making up for some of that decision be tough.  But a fully convinced outlook is going to help me learn through that much better than habitation on the dread I may feel despite Pharmacology or any other subjects.  And the good mental capacity of accomplishment at the end would have ~ing that much sweeter as will hopefully emotion prepared to be on wards well stocked-time come September.  So that’s which I’m counting on for the nearest two months – a structured schedule that leaves me with a sense of performance and hopefully something to show in favor of it in the form of a verily good Step 1 score.

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