Why Most Doctors Don’t Know Much About Nutrition

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Many of our diseases trace to food.  Somehow in their training doctors cease to care for what Hippocrates said, “Let subsistence be thy medicine and medicine exist thy food.” Medical Schools point of concentration their training on pharmaceuticals and advanced surgery techniques.  Nutritional breeding is given short shrift.  Andrew Weil, M.D. [X] notes: “Nutrition is nevertheless slighted in medical education. It is considered a facile subject akin to home economics, not upright of the time and attention commanded ~ dint of. fields like biochemistry and pharmacology.  The latest expression. on this gap in medical teaching came from a study published in 2010 showing that excepting that about one quarter of more than 100 of medicine schools surveyed provided the 25 hours of nourishing instruction recommended by the National Academy of Sciences in 1985.”  

 One Green Planets’ particular titled “Why Your Doctor Can’t Help You With Nutrition” agrees and adds, “all medical students received on average without more 19.6 contact hours of nutrition education while in school.” The p~ of logical quantity quotes The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition maxim, “In its 1985 survey, the NAS set that, overall, an average of 21 hours of feeding instruction was required in medical schools, on the contrary only 34 of the surveyed US therapeutical schools (27%) had a separate, required nutrition course.” article continues: “…Dr. William Davis, a Milwaukee prophylactic cardiologist, says: ‘There’s horrible ignorance about nutrition among physicians. It has none been part of the culture.’ One retrospect published in 2003, ‘found that 96 percent of internists and 84 percent of the cardiologists who responded did not comprehend that a low-fat diet, in whole, would increase triglycerides in the high birth. High triglycerides increase the risk of resolution disease,’ according to The Chicago Tribune.”

The knowledge of facts most medical doctors receive on food comes from meat and dairy efforts lobbying of congress and the FDA.  In each article  for CNN, Jonathan Safran Foer (inventor of Eating Animals) writes: “We are constantly lied to surrounding nutrition… I’m not impugning the scientific literature but relying upon it. What the general learns of the scientific data adhering nutrition and health, especially from the government’s nutritional guidelines, comes to us ~ dint of. way of many hands.  From the ~le, those who produce meat have made trustworthy that they are among those who sway how nutritional data will be presented to the likes of you and me.… Our near federal ‘nutritional’ guidelines come to us from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the self-same same government department that has worked to such a degree hard to make factory farming the norm in America.…Our nation gets its federally endorsed nutritional advice from an agency that must sustenance the food industry, which today means supporting factory farms.”

Because of medicine schools deem nutrition far less valuable than the “miracle drug” indication relievers produced by their Big Pharma donors, sanatory doctors are trained to believe that diet is insignificant and that drugs are in their patients’ most wise interest.  True, miracle drugs aid relieve symptoms, may prolong life, and to those want with disease it is a prodigy.  However, even with all the technology and inquiry, cures are rare. Do you determine this may have something to carry into practice with the economic fact that a healing is less profitable to pharmaceutical companies than a hanging patient’s repeat business?  If not at that time you don’t know how capitalism mixes by health care in countries without uncompounded payer.  It’s not that doctors are of the same kind with corrupt as the drug industry.  It’s that they are heedless true-believers that the pharmaceutical companies esteem their patients’ best interests at mind.  They are taught to design “miracle drugs.”

A genial example of this thinking is the pattern that lactose intolerance should be treated through medication.   Big Pharma spent a leading deal of money researching ways of treating symptoms of “lactose bigotry,” and doctors are taught to set down prescriptions for “the little purple pill.” Hippocrates rejoin would likely have been “prevent consuming dairy products – duh!”  Okay it may be he wouldn’t have used those methodical words.  Mammals (including humans) protract lactase to break down lactose till they are able to eat firm food.  After weaning, nature dictates none more need for milk, so ~t one more need to produce lactase.  But a description that behaves contrary to nature and continues to waste dairy products into adulthood, is asking conducive to lactose intolerance.  The cure is to not be exhausted dairy after you are able to consume solid food.  The cure is not to take a pill for a like rea~n you can continue to be a infant. into adulthood. Yet doctors are practised to think “lactose intolerance” is a sickness to be treated with purple pills.  

Doctors used to make acceptable patients smoke cigarettes to reduce significance until the Surgeon General accepted irrefutable scientific evidence that smoking was horrific for human health. Similarly, the agricultural industry’s propaganda may eventually come to overwhelming recent scientific evidence showing that regimen and dairy products are poisonous to human soundness.  Perhaps one day a to come Surgeon General will lead the sanatory community in the right direction in a state of preparation a vegan diet.

I back up which I write with as many clickable links to peep-reviewed studies as I can discover.

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