08.15.15 Wish granted. bday gift from my old folks!This is going…

08.15.15 Wish granted. bday demise from my old folks!

This is going to have existence an update. Of some sort. I’ve been such busy and stressed with school lately, I’ve been posting random, null, meh rants for the past hardly any days. Well not until yesterday at the time I had the slightest opportunity, just for a few hours, to crenelle all the fatigue away from my classification. A whole-day jamming session and a unaffected family reunion took place to solemnize the date of my legendary being. loljk. Though I wasn’t apt to fully enjoy my day directly to my intermittent reviewing for Pharmacology. Sadlyf.

A year has been added to my chronological century, and I don’t really be assured of how to act accordingly with it. I shouldn’t have ~ing giving a damn of what others would entertain an idea of, but maturity/growing up is preceptive for my future practice. Maybe this is candid a phase. Maybe I’d eventually rouse on with this crisis. Maybe tomorrow, or the days later than tomorrow, I’d finally be skilful to accept and “act my age”.

Anyway, I fell in love with my new sticks. male red deer hart

posted on Sunday, 16 August 2015, 2 days ago

Sucking on sugarless hard candy or coat chips, chewing sugarless gum, drinking supply with ~ , or with a saliva substitute be able to relieve the dryness of the aperture .

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