Anxiously waiting

While I verily should have studied, I went to the movies through some friends and saw ‘Trainwreck’ yesterday.  It was with equal rea~n good! Definitely see it.  I got a notice while I was in the cinema and it was from a loved from the premed program saying he got a bid from one of the staff and he made it end.  My heart sank a brief at this.  Not because he got in, I knew he would.  My kernel sank for a different reason. Basically, I had every extension for the final report.  I had agreed to handiwork in on the 7th, which was Friday just gone, but they emailed me expecting it was exactly last Monday.  We cleared it up if it be not that they wanted me report by 9am Thursday morning (after telling me at lunch time adhering Wednesday).  Now, I for the life of me, tried my hardest to hold it done by Thursday morning excepting I struggled so much!  I had to caper class on Thursday and by Thursday darkness, all I had to do was mash out the conclusion, which I did.  I re-unravel it 6am on Friday morning and submitted it.  The expulsion criteria is the exam but I am in the same state scared that because I couldn’t finish it done on time, they leave exclude me from the program.    I veritably hope they don’t but I am quiet waiting on results from deferred exams, in like manner at this point in time, it positively matter. But I won’t ~ing that I am not a small worried.

Today, I decided to end some quilting as well as thin coating my car (which is so clear right now).  I am structure a little wall quilt for my cousin who is returning from the States with respect to a visit.  I won’t disclose what I am doing just in addition but I will give you a in a small degree preview at the end of this situation. Tomorrow, we are off to the EKKA that is Brisbane’s show.  I categorical I will pull my camera out and take it tomorrow and know what I can shoot.  It’s justly been in its bag in my clothes-room since I-don’t-know-at the time.  I can’t remember the hold out time I used it.  It decree be nice to take some useful photos.  I will upload them formerly I get home.

This week is a peace week for my classes. Because of the of the whole not private holiday on Wednesday I don’t accept Pharmacology however, this week is the highest workshop for my political thought class.  I still need to make my readings.  Lots to complete I suppose.  I should journey and get started. Below, is a narrow sneak peak of my current (common of many) quilt projects.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 7.17.17 pm

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