Auditory learner – how to study for subjects like Pharmacology?

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I realized I’m for the most part an auditory and a bit of a of the eye learner.
I do the best at what time I record lectures and re-be all ear to them, but of course that’s not evermore possible or feasible.
For A&P it worked magnanimous, but for Pharmacology (which is mainly rote memorization with some understanding of mechanisms/processes), to what extent can I go about that? Especially at what time I’m self-studying for the Summer (through the required textbook) in preparation on the side of the Fall?

For the auditory learners, it would have existence a HUGE help knowing how you guys deliberate for pharmacology and clinicals?

Thank you!

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What I do is I set down notes during all the lectures, afterwards I record myself reading them up~ my phone and save it to my Drop Box. I be obliged a long drive to school, so I listen to my recordings steady the way there. You could carry into practice that with just about anything, including Pharmacology. Or, admitting that you don’t want the extreme step of writing your own notes, you could memory your professors.

Also, on top of that, I join all information into Quizlet and move flashcard sets. This could be specifically helpful with Pharm.

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