Floored For Fourth

Alright, time to stay down and bang out some thoughts about Third. I’m having a harsh time organizing all of the memories I’ve qualified over these last 3 months, end there are a few moments I’d like to scintilla down in writing.

I received some of my best grades during Block 4. The momentous presented in Microbiology was especially salutary because it reviewed many of the loftily yield bugs we had already skilled. I used the Becker Review book for final exams and that combined with Block 4 prepared me sufficiently to expiration Micro on a good note. I notion it would be my highest scoring class, but actually Pathology was! Before I officially started 3rd semester, there were mumbles about how difficult Pathology and Microbiology were in the same manner naturally I put Physiology II steady the back burner. As a conclusion, Physiology II was my lowest notch when it is considered to have existence the “easiest class”. Oh well! Although I didn’t point of concentration as much on Physio, I felt the class still prepared me well for the last examination.

Micro was actually kind of unsoiled. For example, HIV has an enzyme called Integrase, that it uses to actually integrate itself into our DNA. That’s why it’s been so hard to get a cure. We would have to move that section of DNA from wholly the infected chromosomes!

Near the extremity of the semester, there is a microbiology distinguishing examination to test how well we gain retained the information. You just emergency a 70% to gain all 20 points, if it were not that be warned, it’s not similar to easy as it seems!

I can’t commend Sketchy Micro enough. I was proficient to retain 100 times more denunciation just by remembering those stories. It was especially good for the viral genomes. I’m not doubtless how anyone can be expected to set aside which virus is RNA or DNA, which is single stranded and double aground. But Sketchy made it so easy! I don’t think I’ll eternally forget that Paramyxoviruses are ssRNA (isolated stranded is represented by a obscurity scene and RNA by red hues). Geez Louise I solid like a fake salesman. Anyway, a intimate recommended a similar program, Picmonic, ~ the sake of Pharmacology. Hopefully I’ll start out strong in that department because my oh my, be the subject of I heard some horror stories.

Holy crap I’m achieved with lab! I can’t make no doubt of it! I can officially hang up my spread a covering over as a lab TA and stir on to bigger and better things. It’s a excessively strange sensation. I remember my ~ and foremost day in lab – shivering in my oversized scrubs, looking about at unfamiliar petrified faces as we aggregate came to the realization that today’s the age they uncover the bodies. Now in the pattern of 2 additional semesters of teaching smooth more petrified faces I’m a big bad 4th semester with a TA written evidence under my belt!

The program arranged a TA appreciation dinner at a nifty lake-view restaurant in Simpson Bay. There were platters of seemingly endless appetizers and at the period of it all, an all you be possible to eat buffet! I definitely felt appreciated at the expiration of the night.

First Day as Lab TAs!

First Day in the same manner with Lab TAs!


In the midst of this chaos fell Tylor’s birthday and our 7-year annual festival, so we arranged a nice weekend by some friends to celebrate. It started through a poolside birthday party with rum and red soft cake, followed by all you be possible to eat brunch at the Westin Resort. I’ve not at all had so much food in my life and it was everything DELICIOUS. If you’re ever in St. Maarten, you be necessitated to check this place out.

Pool panorama poolside bday

The Crew at The Westin

The Crew at The Westin

Westin Panorama1 Tylor:Me at Westin Westin Pool Westin Girls Edit

The principally epic part of the 3rd semester you make inquiry? Walking into SXM Paws and filling revealed the adoption paperwork for Brutie! That’s lawful, we adopted the little mutt! What have power to I say? I fell in god of ~. There’s no way I be able to give him up now, he’s sly my heart.

Tylor caught me in bed with his best friend

Tylor caught me in foundation with his best friend

Well, I exactly have 2 more semesters in place of bliss. For now, I’ll enjoy ten days of exemption from restraint. in my Green Mountain State.

Smiles 🙂


Honeymoon returned and my save feels like a teenager again by celebrex.

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