Fountain of youth? Texas scientists testing breakthrough aging drug

(KHOU) Scientists reply recent advancements in pharmacology and genetics are bringing us closer to the “fountain of flower of life.” Treatments are already being tested in South Texas that could someday lengthen out lifespan by decades or even countermand some of the symptoms of aging.

The greatest in number promising treatment right now is a dark drug called Rapamycin.

Dr. Dean Kellogg, a UT Medicine and Barshop Institute researcher and clinical adept working at the San Antonio Veterans Affairs, says he’s been testing the deaden with narcotics on eight people in the San Antonio territory. He says he never imagined proper how effective it could be. “I none really thought I would see a pharmacological cause that can alter the aging conduct,” said Kellogg. “Rapamycin appears to inert the aging process.”

But [drugs like Rapamycin] restrain have a long way to aroynt before they can be widely used to war aging. Kellogg says the side movables are still too uncertain.

In the in the mean time, experts recommend achieving a low-calorie diet the calamitous way, by eating less. They maxim that, in addition to 20-30 minutes of time of walking or light exercise, be possible to be just as effective as Rapamycin in manifold people.

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Community: This isn’t the chief time that Many Years Young readers desire heard about rapamycin. Nor about the benefits of task.

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