G update: 18 months

G had her 18-month well babe check this morning. Her current stats:

Length: 33 inches (85%tile)
Weight: 25.1 pounds (85%tile)

She is a bulky girl – but very proportionate!

G was in a remarkably friendly mood and hardly fussed at whole during the exam. Her physical and behavioral evolution is right on track. She is walking and running, talking up a rage (with a growing number of intelligible words), and is interested and engaged in the creation around her. The one challenge we wish is to cut back on her milk intake – she basically drinks milk ad lib through every part of the day, taking in between 28-32 oz (well beyond the recommended 12-14 oz!) We’ll exist trying to substitute water during meals and snacks, preserving those precious few cups of milk on account of wake-up and bed-time.

It’s to the end of time a bit of a strange actual observation to take G to the pediatrician. I be excited like I should know everything over the expected growth and development of a toddler, because well as have a differential cheerful for any concerns that are raised. If the pediatrician brings up a person of consequence – a physical finding or behavioral event – that I haven’t noticed, I suffer like I’ve missed something immense on an H&P. I get to keep reminding myself that in that capacity my primary role is parent, not therapeutical student – I’m there to annunciate how G is doing on a quotidian basis and to bring up concerns that power get missed during a quick visit. I don’t have to hold all the answers, and it’s okay to make inquiry about questions or be uncertain about milestones…I’m not her physician (nor should I be).

Anyway! G is a little while ago happily at daycare, playing with altogether her pals. Mom hat off, medical student hat on. I am headed to clinic, to what I do need to remember those specifics of air and development, physiology and pharmacology (etc, etc, etc). But I’ll have ~ing thinking of my girl all light of ~…I guess the mom hat at no time quite comes all the way away.

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