Guest Lecture on GLP by Dr. Diwan, Founder director, Niper-Hyderabad – NGSMIPS

The division of pharmacology had organized Guest lectures ~ the agency of Dr. Prakash V. Diwan, Ph.D, FRSC(London), FIPS, FIPA and originator director of NIPER, Hyderabad on 22nd August 2015 at the Nitte Institute of Communications Auditorium.

The Principal, Dr. C S Shastry welcomed the visitor and explained to the students the concern of attending such guest lectures. He before-mentioned that these lectures act as complements to the rank room training and contribute the ~ordinary knowledge which is vital to heighten skills and gain the professional border required to meet the employers’ expectations. The immorality. Principal Dr. Narayana Charyulu introduced the visitant and appreciated the achievement of spokesman in the field of Pharmacy and his enormous and impressive contribution to both academics and form of productive effort.

Dr. Diwan, in his first session motivated the students and stressed forward the importance to tune in to a confident and gutsy mindset, and chalk public a clear purpose of life. In the next to the first session, Dr. Diwan dwelt at length on the History, importance, scope and guidelines of Standard operating Procedures and their assent and need to implement ‘Good Laboratory Practices’. The sitting was well received by the staff and the students. The session was concluded with vote of thanks proposed by the Dr.R Narayana Charyulu.

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