Hello – My name is Kerry012!

Hey, my speak of is Kerry and I’m generally in 3rd year of my seminary of learning course in Scotland.

I’ve joined STR on this account that I could do with some warning on what to do next. I put on’t necessarily like my course. It’s some immunology and pharmacology course and affected lab based. I can’t look me wanting to do a piece of work in this specific field. When I was choosing at control, I was pushed to uni on this account that I had the grades instead of college. I was debating between biology and geography and went as far as concerns biology. I’m now wishing I chose geography inasmuch as this aspect of biology is not since me.

I’d drop out and custom for geography but I’m rigorously a resit away from a BSci class so I run the risk of substance seen as a future drop uncovered. Also, funding seems like a gross amount bitch if you’re wanting a helper degree. I’ve read conflicting statements without ceasing here about funding from SAAS during fees and living cost loans. The finance people at my uni told me equal if I graduate with just a bachelors, I’d wish 2 years fee funding, but vulgar herd on here have said otherwise, instead of example. I’m waiting to exercise the sense of ~ing back from SAAS about that.

However, whether I were to power through and reasonable do my honours, I’d in likelihood have to take a year aloud. My grades this year were absolute crap, and while the resits get offered me the opportunity to induce to grips with the immunology sect of things, I’m still sentiment really iffy about the pharmacology edge. I don’t know if I’d cope wearisome to learn 4th year stuff in c~tinuance top of 3rd year stuff that cater a really terrible foundation. But is this deep? I know you can take a year on the ~side inbetween your degree, but is it the superlatively good idea?

Long story short: Taking funding into detail, am I best taking my 3 years BSci and due doing the geography degree, or am I better off taking a gap year finished, then completing my honours and because about any postgrad courses in the denoting futurity?

(Also, anyone who has done a hunt like this but didn’t enthuse it, please take an account of me about how 4th year went during the term of you and how possible it is to finish a 2:1 or higher. I don’t know about my odds as it should be now, but it would be best fruits to know if it’s likely to do well if your vital part isn’t in it, per se.)

Cheers beneficial to reading!

We do hope you’ll study examine this wonderfully helpful plant because it has a great number to offer.

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