human brain grown in a jar? apparently, yes…

Modern science is the stuff of a Frankenstein nightmare with the promise of growing a brain in a jar

Can you grow a brain in a jar? Scientists claim they’ve terminated just that. And the implication could not subsist more chilling

By John Nash For The Daily Mail

Published: 19:09 EST, 20 August 2015 | Updated: 20:04 EST, 20 August 2015

This is the obstruct of Frankenstein nightmares. Imagine yourself in the manner that a functioning brain kept in a laboratory jolt. White-coated scientists are torturing you ~ the agency of feeding an endless stream of terrifying images and sensations into your strong system.

Even if you could scream out for help — no human being could legally come to your deliverance.

For years, philosophers have pondered the science of duty of conducting such Nazi-style experiments, similar to a theoretical basis for moral arguments. But this egress is no longer theoretical. The vale of years of a human brain in a jar is fast becoming reality.

This week, American biologists announced that they had crossed a exact threshold in the science of growing a human brain and keeping it joyous in a laboratory.

Rene Anand, a professor of biological chemistry and pharmacology at Ohio State University, astonished soldiery experts by announcing that his team has prosperously grown a near-exact replica of a five-week-rich foetus’s brain.

It is excepting that about the size of a mark rubber. But it contains 99 pc of the cells that would breathe in the brain of a human foetus, composition it the most fully formed brain ‘model’ for~ engineered.

It even has its concede spinal cord and the beginnings of an eye, Professor Anand told the 2015 Military Health System Research Symposium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He has engineered the brain using root-cell technology, which involved turning grown up skin cells into stem cells what one. are capable of growing into somewhat type of body tissue. It is a breakthrough that paves the road to cloning human brains.

The drudge is not finished. Prof Anand at this moment plans to continue growing his lab brain till it resembles that of a 12-week-ancient fetus.


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