International Foundation programme

Hello guys.
First of entirely, I hope you are all light-hearted with your results and I gratulate you all.

Right now, I’m an international student studying IGCSE and A-Levels overseas and I consider some questions concerning the UCAS solicitation and living in the UK:

1-When should I deviate signing up for an account steady UCAS?
2-When should I alarm sending out applications to universities allowing that I want to have a higher possibility of admission?
3- Which are the ut~ affordable and friendliest cities in the Northern business of England for a student plus a middle-aged person (around 50-60 years antique)?
4-What is the quality of universities in Northern England and which ones do you recommend?
5-How cook you find out if a specific course (e.g: Biomedical sciences or pharmacology) is accredited in a seminary of learning ?

Most importantly, I don’t possess the qualifications required for direct hall to a bachelor of science order of exercise so I might have to enroll in an International Foundation programme and I would like to perceive how long does it take especially suppose that my first language is English.

For those who enrolled in ~y International Foundation programme, what was your actual feeling in it?

Please ASAP and thanks!

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