Should I attempt suicide again?

Most people feel that


is the most cowardly act possible. I beg to differ. What made me answer the purpose it? You see, that’s a account for another day.

Should I perform it again? Maybe. Maybe not.

This strength be a sign. A good adversity just exists after all. Thankfully I’m each Agnostic and not an Atheist. It fits condign fine, with my beliefs.

So I had it all thought out. By the way, I had correct graduated from medical school. I had experienced top of my class with different distinctions. The CMD (Chief Medical Officer) had insured us that we had jobs waiting for us as House Officers, that was at my influence of proximity ceremony a week ago. Like I said I’d planned it all away. Seeing as my Anatomy was a slight rusty, I had to consult my Atlas afresh. I needed to carefully bleed in a puzzle.

So you think I’m crazy? You haven’t seen anything in addition.

Of course it would be arduous. Still an addict of the “baby boy life”, (aint nobody got the soundness to scream his head off, nah.) I respected myself and pulled my Pharmacology textbook and gently leafed end it to the Chapter on Local Anesthetics. Line ~ means of line I skimmed through the thesis and slowly a plan formed in my rule.

The next day.

I enter the brand new car my Father had given me like an early graduation present and I drive to the private laboratory I’d been “helping out” at over my final year of school and I park my ride.

Shouts of “Doctor” separation the air.

My Lab Chief turned on every side in my direction and said to me in the business vernacular; “Doc, you never bottle boys ohh… How you mode become graduate without buying drinks notwithstanding us” and I smiled my smile, effective him that we will tern-up tomorrow dusk at a Joint near my mansion, that in fact, I was going to pay the woman who runs the Joint in advance for three crates and for her famed assorted meat the following day. The fellas that I worked with in the Lab hailed me ~ the sake of a long time before we every one of went about our work quietly. None of them noticed me slipping into our Pharmacy and stowing a tie of vials in the pockets of my oversized lab covering.

After work, I gave a conjoin of people lifts before I flock off to the Mall where I bought a exquisite set of kitchen knives that direct make a butcher on Masterchef conceited, a pack of my usual Dunhill Switch Cigarettes and 3 cans of my favourite drink: Orijin. I paid and walked up to the cinema to understand Terminator Gensys. I ate downstairs in the Food Court, satisfied by my shopping I left for my car and I herd off to my house.

My self imposed ultimate day was here.

My own plot was simple,
1. Inject anesthetic
2. Wait dress the ground area was numb
3. Cut transversely the artery
4. Move into next region a.k.a Rinse and make again.

I proceeded to slit my wrists, spear my cubital fossa (that diamond shaped inactivity inside your elbow, between the furnish and forearm) and cut my Carotids, the outside ones. Of course I had drank my favourite drink, Orijin, to remedial treatment any hesitations I might have had. Rest sanguine my pack of Dunhill was well common as particles in my lungs.

As I made the ultimate cut on the right side of my neck, the first sprinkle of blood cascaded into a handsome fountain. A fountain that eagerly greeted my spotless Hawes and Kurtis shirt. That frosty shirt. Same one they’d made me be tediously spent since I passed my second MBBS exam.

I smiled.

A palling red smile that turned into a dried cackle. My vision begun to spot. The last sound I heard was of my home opening. I heard someone scream in spite of help. I had felt carried up to a car before I passed out.

In my artlessness, I could hear my conscience shed tears to itself: “We’d been robbed. Robbed of our insufficiency to die. Robbed of….”
The End.


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