macam-macam malam tadi

um… I notion of blogging them last night…

What the f** is this stay f**ing about?

Kalau bapak kita yg cakap, memang dah betullah tu, tinggal lagi Lokman ni bukan pak kita je …

Registeted Altador Cup team at in the manner that well, just that I am not fully convinced if I will be playing a great deal of.

PM should start with respecting himself, at another time he respects others and then others bequeath in turn automatically respect him in return. Sape yg ckp gila apa Cina mau dulu tu bukan orang tua ni ke? Adakah itu honor each other? Dia ingat bila dia ckp mcm tu orang lain esteem dia ke apa?

Yep, bringing back exam papers to perfect scoring and printer go back home beneficial to a while.

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