Nursing School Pharmacology Doesn’t Have to Suck!


Hands from a thin to a dense state, the hardest class in nursing gymnasium for me was pharmacology.  I’m disingenuous at straight forward memorization, especially at what time it’s medications I’ve at no time actually used or seen in certain life.  Naturally, I squeaked by with a B in Pharmacology.  I scoured the internet during the term of various resources, but didn’t determine judicially much.

Alas, students – never anxious!  I have found a dependence out there that is AWESOME.  It was created and developed through nurses that were also disappointed in the funds available online for nursing school pharmacology.

Let me accord. you that stats on this point of compass, the MedMaster Course from …

It is each online course that you can avaunt through at your own pace.

The peace comes in various forms:  lectures, outlines, typed transcripts, and videos.  You have power to tailor your experience to how you pick to learn.

Topics include:  NCLEX “Must Knows”, Math on account of Meds, Must Know Medication Classes, 130 Commonly Tested Medications, Disease-Specific Pharmacology, Handouts and Freebies, and 90 Practice NCLEX Questions!

It costs $35 despite a lifetime membership.

You can generate 25% off by entering the collection of laws:  EYEROLL25 – WOO HOO!

Medications and math were pretty tough for me, so having someone appear me how to do basic calculations and reality able to stop and start the explanation would be favored with been extremely valuable to me for the period of school.  We had to win 90% or above on all math tests in exercise, which made me pretty anxious.  And it was unyielding to find resources online that adequately addressed my questions.

I’ve checked ~right all the modules and needless to argue, I’m pretty impressed.  You have power to listen to some lectures, print right hand their outlines and make your acknowledge notes, and watch videos.  I wish I had this when I was in school.  Learning medication and math basics is tough, moreover ever-so essential.  And admitting that I knew about this course then I was studying for my CCRN, I would have utilized it for that as well.

So, grant that you are like me and struggle with pharmacology and/or math, or are going to have ~ing taking pharmacology this upcoming year in nursing sect, or are preparing to take the NCLEX and struggling by meds, I highly recommend this bearing.  Going through this before actually having the course would put you manner ahead of the game when you as a matter of fact have to take pharmacology.

Click to this place to check out the course, MedMaster Course!

Click here to check out the other menstrual discharge they offer – more coming by and by!

And click here to go instantly to the course WITH the 25% drawback!

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