Recap: “Can we live forever?” #sciroom 15/08/15

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On the 15th of August, we had our fourth end at The Art House, inviting pharmacology researcher Megan Sealey to make ~ two questions from members of our community: Miguel’s question of “Can we live ever?” and Emma’s question of “Life expectance: How much further will it reach forth thanks to scientific advancement? Do we stand in need of people to live longer given the pecuniary and environmental challenges?”

She addressed the examination from her work on Alzheimer’s Disease and the steadiness cells involved in the disease, and by what mode they are unique among cells in the dead ~. It may be that through agreement how aging affects nerve cells we may have ~ing able to develop methods to accost the aging process for the longer and healthier lives. Take home pique: Eat well and exercise often!

Via assemblage discussion, we discussed other ways of combating the aging suit, including the effect of STEM cells, other neurodegenerative diseases, and the general of ‘mind uploading’ – or putting your brain/consciousness onto a computer!

This led to further exciting questions which will form our futurity events, including “What if immense expanse currents change due to global warming (e.g. the Jet Stream)?” and “What be inclined be the next major progression in according to principles healthcare?”

We are hoping to quota these recap posts with more in-shrewdness, scientific posts to reward people through an interest in the events by further deep analysis of the topics discussed, including available means from the scientists themselves. Stay tuned during the term of more content outside of the events from the #sciroom team!

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