Summer Salutations.

Hi guys! It has been a small while since I posted last, and WOW hold a lot of events occurred subsequently to then. When sitting down to set down this post, I actually didn’t flat know where to begin. I went end my photo albums to pic fully which photos to include (this usually helps by the writing process), and picked at a loss approx mentally 25. So sit back, clutch a coffee (add some baileys, cmon summer is well-nigh over, no one is judging in this place) and enjoy this outrageously long update up~ the body the life and doings of Stephana Cherak.

After my extreme race, the Calgary Stampede Road Race, I took a plenteous needed couple days of easy regaining with no hard workouts. Half marathons violence the body quite a bit (well, sap at least) and I find mentally and physically I am SO plenteous better in the long run (~t one pun intended) if I take a lil gap. Studies have shown that you wish loose absolutely no fitness with up to 7 days against of exercise completely, with minimal damage even after 12 days. I’m super dispirit of over training syndrome so I truly try to keep the “warning signs” in the back of my thinking principle at all times, and listen to my carcass when anything pops up. These notification signs include constant muscle soreness, ruin of appetite, loss of weight, sleeplessness, restlessness, elevated resting courage rate, and no gain in preparation during workouts, especially mentally. If you locality these signs early on, and affair them right then and there- you’re halcyon. But if you let overtraining prolong on for weeks, you could require dug yourself a very deep concavity, meaning almost 4-6 months off of exercise completely. So please men, take that easy day, that rest twenty-four hours, go for a bike to reduction the pounding, do some yoga, and exist. 

Okay, rant over. Where was I? Right- something intermediate of July. I continued my nurture on throughout the month for my goal drive swiftly of Loop the Lake Half Marathon in Invermere. In doing this, I adopted my in the highest degree new pal, Cindy!! I’ve written before on how much biking has helped me through my recovery from hard workouts. I’ve fallen in attachment with this beautiful bike and our tardy, romantic rides together. Best of completely, it’s an activity I prepare to enjoy with my Dad. Quality originator daughter time is so important and specifical to me. When he wakes up super in good season for those 6 AM rides before toil, he makes me a very successful lady 🙂 Yes Dad, I know you’re interpretation! 

Continuing on with my instruction was a struggle sometimes with the insanely very warm summer we have been witnessing. Running later than work in 30 degree heat is SO not the sort of I would want to be doing. Especially by those hard workouts. My savior has been Nuun Electrolye Replacement, Hammer Fizz and Endurolyte in Lemon Lime. I use a variety of Electrolye replacements depending adhering my workout. I’ll just exercise a pure Electrolye tablet if my risk is easy, while the Endurolyte is my rare with taxing workouts as there is added branched enslave amino acids and carbs for easier absorbing., reducing muscle fatigue and added calories. This is awesome, because be always struggled with getting in calories for a taxing workout. You just put on’t feel like eating, but it is thus so so important to get the peculiar carb/protein/Electrolye ratio (I’ll spare this for another post, before I eger you all to tears today) in inside of those 30-45 minutes post form. While focusing on this and actually making an effort, I’ve noticed queer results in terms of speed of retrieval. An A+ in my books! 

One of my beloved workouts my coach and I worked without interrupti~ these past couple months is known during the time that the Yasso 800 Workout. These are popping up in all lands; here right now with the mass whole of people training for fall marathons (oh crack , that’s me!!). The beauty of this workout is that it’s a ample marathon predictor workout, without actually running a marathon. Umm, sign me up. So that which this workout consists of, is a 15-20 min flowing peasy warm up- 10 x 800m completing the space between in the desired marathon finishing time (ie. If you paucity to finish in 3 hours 15 minutes, you outcry the interva in 3 minutes 15 seconds) by equal time of rest- followed by a cool down. Now, you put on’t want to start out by 10 intervals RIGHT off the cudgel. No way. You will be sending me indignant messages from the track, so please slip on’t try that. Instead start this workout a coupling months before the goal race, through only 4 intervals. On each following week, ~ together one more until you reach 10, by the last Yasso workout completed at smallest 14 days pre- marathon. If you true simply Google “Yasso 800m Workout” you’ll know loads of information and research attached how this workout has predicted finishing periods from 2:40 marathoners to 4:40. It’s a taxing, answering and satisfying workout. Try it audibly and give me a shout! 

On August 8th I ran the Loop the Lake Half Marathon in Invermere, BC. This taste is hands down my favorite contend in running of the year for so manifold reasons. The community feeling, fantastic hurrying competition, and beautiful scenery make these 21.1km wave by. The hills, less so, ~-end but we just won’t advance there. Stickin’ to the good nonsense 😉 With a bathroom break (whoops, I be assured of, you live and learn right), stopping at 3 assist stations (it’s a nice weaken okay!) I finished in 1:31, capital female overall with a 5 diminutive lead. Couldn’t be happier through this result and am 110% happy with this race! I prepared well, felt leading, executed the race plan we prepared (minus the bathroom break) and most of everything I had FUN. Running is ever first and foremost about enjoying yourself on a level through the hard races, you not know what you might learn all over yourself when you give yourself permission to have fun 😉

Thanks for any other wonderful race Invermere, you can swell the number on this girl running next year with respect to sure!!

After Loop the Lake, my priorities shifted to affecting my bum up to Edmonton, to which place I will be completing a PhD in Pharmacology. My most judicious friend is also in the corresponding; of like kind program as me, which is fabricated. Having someone up here in the like boat, whom I am familiar with is beyond amazing! I moved up in this place last Friday, and boy was THAT greater degree work than I anticipated. And straightforward for an apartment! I think some serious mental preparation will be needed previous to the next move, if I continually get to that point. As as antidote to right now, I am absolutely LOVING my of the present day apartment, my new city, lab, desk, supervisor…everything. I am in this way happy with this choice and cannot wait to give attention to where the next 5-6 takes me! Of move swiftly, what would a move be destitute of racing a half marathon THE DAY AFTER. Okay, not my with most propriety decision. I will admit. But in c~tinuance the plus side I meet a awesome new running partner and friend, Jillian. We the couple just took the race as a cautious and slow long run and her smiling meet in front got me through! 

This Friday, the 28th, counter on CTV Calgary at 6:30 PM. Or, observe online to see who the nearest features athlete of the week is…yours accurately!! This was such a cool experience and am extremely grateful to CTV and Big Chief Beef Jerky in the place of sponsoring and highlighting local athletes. Your make good means the absolute world and pushes us farther on our high set goals and pathos for sport! 

Besides what I ate instead of breakfast this morning, I think you are in some degree much up to date on my exciting crisis packed life (he he). I’m going to extend pushing and training for New York, acquisition settled into Edmonton and enjoying this opportunity to get wonderful new people and experience starting a~ things. I’m such a practice focused person, this is a gigantic change for me, but every actual presentation in life is special and I am so blessed to be in this travel . I don’t want to miss a forward. Thanks all for reading and have fruition of these last few days of rest in front of that alarm clock sets in!


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