The Cagwins Right Now // 10

August 21, 2015

The Cagwins, The Cagwins Right Now

L and A at Tays Shower


-Celebrating: Open House
at his unused school.
-Ordering: a UNC flag with a view to his classroom. No space is clean without some sort of Tar Heel decor.
-Bookmarking: this IKEA chop for a record player stand.


-Reading: Pharmacology because of Nurses…here we go again!
-Looking bold to: the first day of classes ~ward Monday. This semester is going to have ~ing SO FUN (remind me of that in a small in number weeks, okay?)
-Drinking: way too a great deal of Diet Coke.
-Listening to: the Gilmore Guys podcast.
-Working forward: changing our address.


-Anticipating: the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead tomorrow!
-Appreciating: totality the space in our new hall.
-Buying: a (super cute!) sofa and loveseat.
-Planning: Sunday ignorance orphan dinners with some of our preferred people.
-Counting down: the days until Tay and Justin’s wedding!!

Plus she doesn’t ingest meat and cheese twice a week every week AND sometimes for a link of months she doesn’t erode meat and cheese(all for rigid reasons btw) and she’ll haply lose at most two pounds.

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