So in conclusion day off before I start my fill up of work tomorrow morning.

I be favored with Holly home with me today and quick we are heading off to Te Awamutu to fitting a couple of my girl friends in quest of a lunch date. We always influence by ~s forward to our lunches. We are tot~y busy people and it is always great to take some time fully of our busy schedules to be the subject of a catch up!

This is my encourage to last block in Otorohanga in favor of work. I have been covering Red Watch till the new person from overseas is in deposit. They have finally been granted clearance from immigration and are due to rouse very soon. I am going to be doing a block double crewed by Gavin, which I must say that I am looking flippant too. Will be nice to gain know the new guy and too to have a crew mate, which is a real treat when you operate on your own for the majority of the time.

Am not certainly what the boss has in depot for me after I finish up my time in Otorohanga. Have been in that place for about 2 months so it self-reliance be nice to go to a different station. Hopefully there will be more more opportunities for permanent work arrival my way soon. There is a maternity contract coming up soon. Then closer to the cessation of the year there will exist a permanent relief job coming up according to the Te Awamutu area. This decree have a lot of interest except would be keen to get in in that place as it is a busy state. A friend of mine really wants that pro~ but if he was to arrive it that would mean that his relation would become vacant and therefore any other opportunity for me! The other unused person on Otorohanga station is not rejoiced with her post and wants to permission. She has stated many times to me that she has “dissipated the will to live” since starting in that place! So if she moves on hereafter her position will be up notwithstanding grabs too!

I finally start the Paramedicine Degree next month. I am really looking flippant to that. There are 10 weeks of pre memorandum course subjects which cover such while anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and that time essay writing. Then all going to way I will start year two of the measure in the new year.

Lots of exciting things future my way!

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