Uses of Quillay

Quillay or Quillaja saponaria is every species that can be found in the “litoral central” and the pre high hill area of the central valley of Chile, and its one endemic species of the country, gift to the evergreen forest.

The Quillay has been exploited in favor of its bark because  It has a texture in very high concentration called saponina except there are researches that indicate the neighborhood of this substance in the timber-land and leaves of this tree (granting in different concentrations), in is used to forge a lot of commercial products in areas like agriculture, pharmacology and food. Some medical uses are because of bronchitis (cough mixture), cosmetic (some shampoo in spite of the dandruff) or detergent, astringent and other like subtle, ornamental and soil conservation.

This tree isn’t red selvage, (A list of specie take facts of the tree and flowers and take please of endangered species in the nature), but the practice of its  uses is surpassingly harmful  for his preservation, for when people make products of Quillay favor to kill the tree in more cases such as the shampoo universe.q

For what exactly, I didn’t be aware of, but I’d go appearance for it in America.

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