Advice on Dropping Pharm??

0 Hey everyone. I bear deadly malice to that I am posting this, goal I am in an accelerated 15 month BSN program and pure started my second block. I take pharmacology 1, adult health 1, psych, OB, and manifest based practice. My pharm teacher accepted a strange job so we are having our primary pharm test tomorrow when we asylum’t had a real class yet with the new teacher (no epitome and relying completely on ATI to learn the essential). I am not prepared for it on the same level though I studied all week and I am realizing for what reason difficult it will be to clutch up and pass this class. My inquiry is: would it be worth dropping this class and taking it next semester alone? I touch like I’ll learn more in my other classes this semester and likewise learn more in pharm next semester. It would no other than add on 3.5 months to my program. Any suggestions? Does my argument make any sense? Thanks!

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