Biomedical Science to Medicine (GEM)

Hi there I’m now in year 13 and I be in actual possession of come to the conclusion that medicament isn’t for me this year :ashamed2:. I got BCDD (chemistry, biology, psychology, office) in AS. So I have unequivocal to pursue GEM through Biomedical knowledge ( I know it’s very based on competition). I’m planning to retake AS psychology (both modules) to bump up the D to at in the smallest degree a B/C. The universities I bear chosen to do Biomedical science is Warwick, Queen Mary, Sussex, St Georges and Leicester ( wholly ABB ) In GCSE’s 1A* 3As 4Bs 1C (in Spanish) if there’s any other universities you have in mind I should consider feel free to allow me know. Or if these universities aren’t fit for me please let me be assured of.

My question is do you reason my best option is to apply to do biomed at these universities and try self-same hard to get 2:1 in biomedical knowledge of principles and see if these unis resolution consider transferring me to GEM? or should I take a crack year and resit some of my exams and try to obtain AAA , which I really don’t be lacking to do .

Moreover If I am going to cook a Biomed personal statement is in that place anything in particular I should mention? for example I know in a healing art PS you should try to semblance how much you care bout patients etc.

and if anyone has gone through this passage or a different route (pharmacology or other menstrual discharge) to GEM please could you plough~ your experience and what challenges you faced. It behest really help.

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