Cracking the tough nut: MRCEM Part A

Many of you would agree with me on this that Part A is the toughest some to get through.  Now accept this, that these subjects won’t hindrance you go further unless you master them. The sooner you learn this, the better it is. 
Basic Sciences cause to be the foundation of what we cozen everyday. For instance, there is nay fun in treating DKA with fluids/K/Insulin, allowing that we fail to understand the divergent metabolic pathways.

Now lets look at that which MRCEM Part A demands:

Exam Pattern

Basic Sciences 

2 hours/ 50 questions through 4 stems under each question (50×4=200 stems)

Each oppose is marked as True/False

Passing Marks: Around 70% 

Important Subjects:

Anatomy (Upper Limb/ Lower Limb)

Physiology (Cardiac/ Renal/ Respiration/CNS)

Pharmacology (Cardiac/ Renal/ Respiration/ NSAIDs/CNS/Hematology )

Microbiology (Bacteriology/HBV/HIV/Basic Immunology)

Pathology (General Pathology)

Statistics/ EBM 

(High yield topics are mentioned in parenthesis)

Note: Exam tests a al~ment of physiology and anatomy. About 60% of the exam consists of questions from these two subjects. So master these two subjects. 

This is a tough single to crack and I would uniform say that if you take this individual seriously, then part B and C can be piece of cake. 

This is in what state I look at it.

T/F follow: Lets presume, If you land up unready for this exam, then with every question there is a 50% fortune of being right and 50% befall of being wrong because it is either true or false. So you are expected to realize a score of around 50% . Scoring the next 20% (50–>70) is a swollen challenge.

No negative marking: Attempt every one of the questions. Even if you possess no clue, you can still subsist right (its either True or False)

Time in opposition to preparation: Depends on whether you are doing well stocked-time preparation or working and preparing, It should take on the point about 4-5 months.

Material on the side of preparation

USMLE Step 1 Kaplan Notes + USMLE tapes : This is due stuff. Recommended for those who are “okay” through their basic sciences knowledge to sudden effusion with. After watching these tapes you resolution have a good grasp over these subjects. The videos arrive to about 100 hours roughly toward the above mentioned subjects. Do avail through the notes provided along through these videos. USMLE Step 1 is a plenteous much harder exam as compared to MRCEM Part A. So you accept an advantage if you are using this matter for your preparation.

Dr. Najeeb’s Videos: Dr. Najeeb is blessed. If you come from a medicinal college where you did not learn anything i.e admitting that your basics suck, then pick these videos. He is a fantabulous teacher, makes things really simple and unconstrained to understand. (You don’t memorize any ready made notes when you subscribe for these videos). These videos go a borer slow and start about 5-6 months in front of if you are going to exercise them.

Other basic sciences textbooks (Snells, Netters Atlas, Guyton, BNF, Robbins etc)

Mark Harrison (Revision Notes): This verse is for revision. Stay in deal with with this as you are going end different subjects. Read it at least three times before the exam. One created being that I highly recommend to carry into effect is to keep adding the grave points in this book as you are preparing equitable from the very beginning. This be able to become a great resource for revisal during the last few days face to face with the exam.

OHEM: Cover to thicket OHEM is not required for lot A. Exam often tests on ECGs, Toxicology, Anaesthetic agents and Resuscitation.

Statistics/ EBM: You become a couple of questions on this. These are the questions that be able to make a difference by pushing your notch from say 66–>70%. This cram looks hard but if you dispose of a day or two with statistics, its value it. Once you get this, it is going to stay through your forever. Kaplan notes cover this inferior to Behavioural Sciences. It should take hither and thither a day to finish this OR you have power to checkout Statistics by Philippa J. Easterbrook from the basic medical sciences MRCP Part 1. 

Practice papers on this account that MCEM part A 

Clinical Emergency Medicine
Exam is acquisition more and more clinical. You accept an advantage if you have been exposed to one ED for at least 6 months. OHEM should disguise most of this stuff. Expect questions on:

ECGs (Arrythmias, Blocks)



Electrolyte disturbances (HyperK, HypoNa etc)

ABG Interpretation 

This is that which I used:

Kaplan USMLE Step 1 (Anatomy, Physio, Pharm, Micro, Path)


Mark Harrison according to revision

Practice papers for part A

Online Q bank

Online Q bank

Don’t expect to get the same questions that you know on the Q bank. This is merited to understand the exam pattern. Once another time, set up a timer while doing the questions. There are profusion of options now, check out the misery questions and take your pick. 

Stick to the curriculum

Have a copy of the course of studies as you prepare for the this exam. Don’t lavish too much time on Biochemistry, Systemic Pathology. You excellently get questions from these topics. Having a basic apprehension of these subjects should be comminuted.

1-2 weeks before the exam

Set up your study document in such a way that you polishing two revisions 10-15 days previous to the final exam. In the endure two weeks, just stick to Mark Harrison (that too includes the important points that you desire been adding over 3-4 months). If this gets too monotonous, so add a bit of OHEM (Resus/Toxicology/Anesthesia/ECG). 

Go from one side the curriculum once again and gain sure that you have not missed through anything. 

What about workshops because of Part A?
It is really close to cover the exam curriculum excessively a couple of days. These workshops toward part A can be a considerable source of revision, particularly the abstruse yield material. So if you are choosing human being of them, make sure you are done with the syllabus at least one time before attending.

Focus on the High Yield Subjects (Anatomy and Physiology) 

Attempt every part of the questions

Do not skip Statistics/ EBM

So, this was here and there what you should probably do to exceed part A. If you want to be ~ more on things that you should NOT have ~ing doing, then check out this constituent piece on “how to fail the MRCEM side A”

Also endurance through the RCEM website for besides info:


Best Wishes

Lakshay Chanana

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