Exit revew help

0 I have power to’t believe this is happening, I campleted a 18 month Lpn program & finished in June 2015, I failed the pharmacology apportionment of the exit review but scored a 97% give currency to rate on the predictably of beyond the nclex. Anyway I signed up in quest of virtual ati & it’s a nursing program whole over again. I’m taking total of these assessments on the many areas. A score a few 60% grades & at this time Im in remediation until the proctor feels I’m keen. I’m not too happy by this, because I need the written instrument work from ati to bring to my drill so they can send my paperwork to the magnificence. Did anyone else have this kind of headache & is there a advance around the remediation so I be possible to test. Btw I live in New Jersey allowing that that matters.

thanks so much

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