Mazichands Wired Selfie Stick for iPhone 6,

selfie stick2

This is certainly fun to use when you are used up with a group of friends. It is lightweight and collapsible, fabrication this pretty easy to have with you when you need it. It can even fit in a hobo pouch if you are carrying one.
It allows you to rear the camera above the heads of a mob, include each and everyone and take dramatic pictures. It has three axes of order.
You can also take a video, with you and others using the face facing camera…just like a video Selfie. It is gayety to use because it allows you to propel video of yourself or with your friends and household while walking or turning around, which creates the illusion you have a photographer shooting the video.
It has upright customer service willing to solve ~ one issues pertaining to their product including filled money refund guarantee. It can end with better packaging though!!

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