Medical school: 7 years a tough journey!

Medical tutor is the tough study especially at what time you have family and small children to take care done. As a foreign student, it takes gross amount 7 years for me to advance to completion. 2 years include the adaptedness course study to get the initiation in the program and 5 years through the MD program. Despite knowing myself to sometime since start studying at the age of 36 years, be seized of not left behind back my illusion rather two rules coincides in the brain” dress in’t fall back and don’t cadence in love.” All things whatever uphill is possible to going through admitting that someone follows their own rules by head, heart and soul. Here are some of the things that I followed during my MD study, just have a mind, get the idea, it may prevent you who knows;

1.      Stop cramming:  To me, acquired knowledge means understanding the concepts, not memorizing the tongues. It’s true that anatomy and pharmacology is the things to memorizing relationships. Go from one side the lecture compendium once and I remarkable the things I don’t be informed. I’ve seen lot of my friends set down in black and white and read the book from rise to end. No, that’s not my regular course. I read the lecture, try to make out. Look at the lecture from USA University in the YouTube and learn in ~est part. Sometimes I ask questions to classmates all over the things I have difficulty to have ~ing. Sometimes it works just fine. It seemed to avoid my understanding and retention.

2.      Avoid envelop groups:  So many of my classmates study cheek by jowl. I’ve been to the condition study group and I found that they everlastingly used to interrupt each other’s studying by unrelated questions or with discussions near unrelated things ex. Party, love aggregate, sex-acute, boys and girls…….…. That wasn’t  me. Sometimes I don’t imply the sign language which felt like ‘ am I doltish like these’? I feel proud myself in regard I’m heavy and haven’t done any torpid things for which I regret later. Just consign to oblivion it and ignore, sit at the MB put to a stand and concentrate myself what important ~ the sake of me.

3.      Fix Focus: I usually peruse in the computer. My complete MD program is in the computer plan. I never print out not a uncompounded lecture compendium. Even all important reference books I collect from MB, examine and save in the computer. The intellectual powers is, I want to carry it end my whole doctor’s career life.    It doesn’t take in extent time for me to memorize the concept in my brain. I focus by concentration highest 1 hour every day. It work just fine with me. Stop spirit to Facebook and take off your put a ~ from i-phone.  

4.      Collect preceding test copies from senior: This is surpassingly important. There are only so crowd questions you can ask about the like topic. Therefore, many questions are repeated. Some may be obliged wording changes, but most questions be in possession of the same concepts. By learning and discursive faculty what concepts appeared on previous tests and are by consequence important to the professor, you’re well adhering your way to learning the concepts and to passing the exam.

5.      Don’t have existence stressed and depressed: No matter the kind of you pass or not, just produce your best you can. Don’t importance yourself as it will not withstand you anyway. I got depress and hereafter cried alone in the middle of the obscurity. I made my two children rest and slept with them and ~n up at 2 AM at night start my one hour study. So many times I thought to give up mete never did. I was alone. My senior son is the only inspiration and affection. Youngest son has autism, don’t mean what’s going on. I looked at as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but children and forget my depression. You esteem to find your way to mirth you up.   

6.      Who cares the whole that your grades: You know what they designate the person who graduates lowest in her healing school class? Doctor. You don’t want great grades in every subject to subsist a decent doctor. You just require 70% to pass. Trust me. I’m ecclesiastical ~ proof. Study hard, do your superlatively good, keep plugging along, and don’t persuade discouraged. If you put in the straining, you will graduate.

7.      Learn what medicine is all about: Make frolic in the study by playing slang cards. Don’t just stick to the textbooks. Read periodical articles or medical blogs about topics that premium you. Yeah, it’s more public recital, but those articles are only a scarcely any pages, will hopefully be more enjoyable, and volition help bring together all of the facts that you are acquired knowledge to show you how to apply them. There’s a big dissimilitude between “book sense” and “common sense.” You need both to succeed.

8.      I’m not a doctor: Don’t act like doc. I delight to be student and learn additional. Even I’m not immune to the process of conscious called “doctor’’. I communicate myself ‘’ I’m not a learned man yet and I don’t know lot of things yet. I haven’t closely examined lot of topic yet. I don’t default to give wrong advice rather present to discuss with senior specialist backjour. So that I don’t ~ by heart myself into trouble in the step.

9.      My sunshine to relax:  Make friends, follow the thumb rules in Sweden and possess fun on Friday nights with friends and children in my course I like to be. It’s a curative school, not a prison or proper to courts psychiatry.

10.  Don’t slight my two lovely angels: When I started curative school, everybody in the family were in expectation of my study except my elder son Ibrahim who was and nothing else 4 yrs and the youngest united was 1.5 yrs. I don’t understand if anyone feel proud of me which I did in my whole life during the time that no one in my family says this to me. Rather my parents, brother, sisters, cousins, aunts, laws kindred and husband all of them were irritated which I did in my life. Who devise stop me? Trust me … I miss them viewed like they’re all gone from my chapter. They are entirely alive. Neither me nor they delegate a single message to me in the same manner with none is interested to know for what reason I’m. Why is that? Because I’m a woman from Bangladesh. Bangladesh woman is not like who I’m. I’m the beat example of Bangladesh woman. Can you live by this shame and guilt feelings? Trust me…… require to be paid lot of bloodshed. To live in the universe without being loved by own kindred cost lot of courage. Strong encouragement is the honor and honesty to do good to others. Love vulgar herd even they hurt you.

So ~ persons storm were passed on!

Lots of the trees in the interior have been pulled down.

The inn in the inner heart have been ripped apart.

The twist calm, the clouds away, the rain bring to a standstill,

the sky clear in an moment!

In the quiet moments,

I base myself with so many scars in the carcass

In fact, I learn ‘’am I stout enough to survive ”?

Suddenly someone’s inner part  found me with love and care,

He invited me in the dinner at his spot once,

Someone special looked at my eyes in the moonlit death and said
’’ Disappear! Never simulation up your unpleasant face once again’’!

To subsist continued……………………………………………………..

                                                     – Lubna Yasmin, Semester 11, MD program, UMU

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