My Step 1 Study Schedule & Resources

My Step 1 Study S


I suitable finished my first clerkship of third part year – internal medicine! It was 12 weeks long and thankfully every clerkship from at once on will be 6 weeks, omit for neurology, psych, and my surgical subspecialty chosen by election (anesthesia) which are 3 weeks. Studying against the internal medicine shelf exam (we require national NBME exams at the expiration of each rotation) felt a accident like studying for step 1 and brought back a haphazard of memories. Now that it’s been three months seeing that I took step 1 I be moved like I can share some honest study care, particularly in terms of scheduling and the sort of resources I used. I think that the emotional struggle of step 1 prep is worthy of a post of its confess so I won’t be focusing up~ the body that just yet.

There are divers resources available and it really equitable depends on what works for you. Personally I used five:  1)  Firecracker, 2) Pathoma, 3) First Aid, 4) Picmonic, and of order 5) UWorld.  I used a conjunction of these during my first and approve year. When I started second year I tried to have ~ing more proactive and began going through approximately 300 Firecracker questions every day when I started  to to appendix what I was learning in the current form and to help me remember older topics. By the time winter break of MSII rolled around I started to prevail upon nervous about the huge challenge of studying during step 1 even though the determinate exam was 6 months away at the time. Making a record helped me plan my time and fixed goals for myself. I officially started studying because of Step 1 at the beginning of my in conclusion semester of MSII. Since my dedicated 6-week study continuance started at the beginning of May, I had January from one side April to set a good foundation for myself. 

At the beginning of January, we took a actual performance NBME (NBME 12) through our indoctrinate. I used my score as a starting character for my studying and as well for the re~on that source of motivation for improvement. From January to the end of April I went through every part of of First Aid once. I did this through covering one section a week, what one. was tough since some were a great deal of longer than others! I would twitch by flagging all of the corresponding topics on Firecracker and reviewing them at the same time that I read through & annotated First Aid (annotating was verily important since it helped me perform a better mental map of the physical!). I also watched the associated Pathoma videos as far as concerns each section if there was single. As you might imagine, the Firecracker questions indeed piled up. I often struggled to master through my sometimes massive number of questions by day but I think it was character it in the end. I bear friends who stopped using Firecracker at this boards because it was too much, and they did due fine. I used Picmonic religiously by reason of the microbiology section, particularly the bacteria and parasites.

In command to get through all of the studying I had to be enough during those three months I had to prioritize step 1 in addition my block studying. In order to do this I scheduled the First Aid sections that matched my stop material a week before the block exam so I could multi-employment. Personally I found that First Aid and my other supplies highlighted what was actually important it being the case that block material can be more open. In the end, I did greater good than my personal average on those finally two blocks without even looking at rank notes or listening to podcasts. This push forward worked for me but remember to be infixed with whatever works for you!

By the expiration of April I had finished Pathoma, First Aid, Picmonic (the microbiology specifically) and Firecracker. I had furthermore done about 693 UWorld questions sporadically everywhere. Before I entered into my 6 week dedicated study end I re-evaluated by resources and made my official step 1 study schedule. Firecracker had been a bottom for my learning in the blocks and during my first pass review of everything. I beyond a doubt to stop using it during through 6 weeks, however, because I didn’t regard time for it anymore. I likewise officially added UWorld to the associate. UWorld is indispensable as far for the re~on that step 1 studying goes. Looking back, I well-informed more from it than anything other.  One of the most challenging topics by reason of me was pharmacology – there are SO multitude drugs you need to know! – and I place the pharmacology flash cards by Lange to have ~ing extremely helpful. I got mine from an upperclassman and they had already written important additional information on them that was very useful.

Scheduling my 6 weeks seemed like a daunting undertaking but thankfully there was an cap sheet circling around my class from a third year at the time. Using it because an example was so helpful and I was good to tailor it to fit my special needs. I’ve linked it in this place and at the bottom of this letter-carrier! Using this schedule I was proficient to get through approximately 1 segment of First Aid with the associated Pathoma & pharm emit a sudden light cards, and a few sets of 44 UWorld questions by day four the first four weeks.  One of my goals during the first four weeks was to reach through all of UWorld once, in such a manner some days I did more questions than others. During this time I did questions according to which section I was reviewing. Overall, this was a time of ponderous review and solidifying high-yield concepts. The extreme two weeks were dedicated to reviewing the material once more while getting through since many timed-tutor “random” sets of UWorld questions like a I could. I purposefully scheduled sections that I notion were difficult towards the end with equal rea~n that I would see them closer to my proof date. For me, these were neuro, biochem and micro.

In terms of practice tests, I used four: NBME 13, 17 and the UWorld Self-Assessment Forms 1 & 2. I scheduled these at different points during my 6 weeks. The UWSA are famed by reason of being difficult but having a remarkably generous curve so UWSA 1 was the primitive one I took. It helped my confidence but also showed me my weaker areas. I took NBME 13 and NBME 17 nearest. These had a different question gnomon than UWorld and had no bend.. They were hard and definitely didn’t bestow me confidence boost like UWSA 1, lol. I contrive NBME 13 and 12 (which I took in January) were a hap more realistic than NBME 17. I qualified off with UWSA 2. Overall I speculate Step 1 was much more like UWorld in stipulations of question style and difficulty than the NBME exams.

Throughout my 6 weeks I kept a “UWorld Journal” in the figure of a Google doc as well as handwritten notes. I would go through both completed quiz and write down the explanation facts that I was asked over. I think this was the isolated most helpful thing I did. I was adroit to review these notes throughout my study circle of time and commit tons of high-yield material to celebrity.

Compared to my NBME 12 drill exam score in January, my actual step 1 charge improved 68 points overall. Step 1 studying have a mind be a very challenging time in your life but that use it as an opportunity to enlarge and surprise yourself. It was honestly the hardest I’ve through all ages worked and it challenged me in ways that fashion beyond intellect. The only thing I would be in possession of changed about my approach is I would desire started going through First Aid for the time of first year.  If I could give one piece of advice about this mere process from the bottom of my intent it would be to try your best every single day even if you handle like you can’t because you necessity to be able to look back steady this fragile time without any regrets.

Below is a dropbox bond to my 6-week schedule complete with a sheet called “checklist” what one. helped me track what I was doing and the sort of I needed to complete next. Feel prodigal to download it, share it and conduct it to fit your needs!

If you be obliged any questions please leave a comment below or email me!

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