Research: Computer model of key protein helps predict how cancer drugs will work

Drugs significant in the battle against cancer behaved according to predictions at the time that tested in a computer-generated mould of P-glycoprotein, one of the cell’s clew molecular pumps.

The new model allows researchers to dock nearly any drug in the P-gp protein and look to how it will actually behave in P-gp’s interrogate, said Associate Professor John G. Wise, conduce author on the journal article announcing the advancement and a address member in SMU’s Department of Biological Sciences, Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences.

SMU biologists developed the computer generated representation to overcome the problem of relying forward only static images for the configuration of P-gp. The protein is the alveolate pump that protects cells by pumping through toxins.

But that’s a puzzle when P-gp targets chemotherapy drugs to the degree that toxic, preventing chemo from killing cancer cells. Scientists are searching for ways to inhibit P-gp’s pumping playing.

“The value of this essential part research is that it generates dynamic mechanisms that permit us understand something in biochemistry, in biology,” Wise related. “And by understanding P-gp in of that kind detail, we can now think of ways to greater good and more specifically inhibit it.”

The SMU researchers pure Tariquidar, a new P-gp inhibitor restrain in clinical trials. Inhibitors offer object of trust for stopping P-gp’s exclusion of chemotherapeutics by stalling the protein’s pumping gesticulation. Pharmacology researchers disagree, however, on in what place exactly Tariquidar binds in P-gp.

When incline through the SMU model, Tariquidar behaved like expected: It wasn’t effectively pumped from the small cavity and the researchers observed that it prefers to hold high in the protein.

“Now we be the subject of more details on how Tariquidar inhibits P-gp, to which place it inhibits and what it’s truly binding to,” Wise said.

Written ~ dint of. Margaret Allen

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