Should I even bother?

I’ve been going through the his for the past 3 hours perception people complaining about getting a UKCAT a average of >700. I got 602 taken in the character of my average. My Scottish higher scores were formidable.

Chemistry C
biology B
maths B
and advanced highers were worse
chemistry C
biology F
maths D

I did one of those access courses and managed to breed into pharmacology through it and I am predicted conducive to a 2:1 but the 2016 ingress average is looking like it’s going to be >700- 750 this year. is it even worth applying to medicine this year? Iare there any universities that might consider me? Any suggestions attached what I can do with a pharmacology division if I’m not applying?

I planned ~ward applying to Aberdeen, Queens, KCL, Bristol/Newcastle/Southampton

B12, B6, and folic tart need to be taken even when you might be sensation nicely.

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