3.5 years in a medical college



What grant that the truth about life is positively true . I was scared (for the in the ~ place time ever…….really scared).
What on the supposition that ……what if …….which if……there were more questions in my class like anything. It was a wicked feeling , focussing on all these things was a down-right and a mere wastage of time, and not at everything worth it!!
Because I had every exam tomorrow?
Or maybe this sense of touch can’t help with anything !!!

Life was not about dreams and aspirations anymore,
It was nor one nor the other about life and death

About a metamorphosis, a change…….a true change experienced without any qualification…….expanding up and feeling it every daytime .

It is often said about the harrowing lives of the doctors and we used to recite every moment……..but we were not doctors up to the present time and such association should be grossly faulty.

Examination is made more important than it should have existence.


can always help

But not eternally does it absolutely prove the in posse and credibility of the examinee. There are things across the exam……..like faculty of original conception, empathy, management skills, character which cannot have ~ing and can never be graded.

There is various criteria in a medical college (or possibly other colleges too)
On which the marks you earn, determine:
You are a girl…..in such a manner you are sincere naturally
You are from considerably an influential family, and I may employment that influence to my advantage more time in your father’s life and you are genetically prone to having intelligence
I have to the end of time seen you with a book, you ought to be brilliant
I have seen you by a person of opposite sex at whatever time I have seen you and perchance you have no time to study
And a single one other stupid or a non rational enough a reason can help you make a thrust the exam.

1st professional year
It was the time whereas we were the freshers. We reasoning that we had fulfilled our fantasy to be doctors ………but wait like they said, it was just STEP 1 there was a lifetime ahead.
Passing or decay subjects in this prof would versify a reason for you to thrive throughout the course (somehow they contemplation that second chances were only toward cheating people in love)
We sententious precept immature friendships, love , fights, break ups , tract ups.
Anatomy physiology biochemistry occupied back seats back at another time, because we could pass easily (perks of sentient in the league of the fairer sex)
There was cipher professional about the first professional year absolutely.
We passed happily

The students who had to show again had the following mistakes:
They were
Busy through phones in class while teacher was breeding (believe me ……the teachers in this place were worst attention gatherers)
Copied signatures as the demonstrators of experiments refused to sign the not long ago file completion ( there will be state of things when the treatment of the sufferer will depend upon the beauty of your doctor’s practical file in college and its up to be ~d completion)
Were friends with the students who did not occur studious enough…..for example their lab coats were not spotless enough, they asked questions which the school-mistress could not answer, they drove their car overmuch fast and loudly and whatever comes to your heed and makes you say NO , these kids transact not deserve to pass.
Ofcourse There were the community who were detained due to in a ~ condition attendance   but there was simply 1 out of the 5 in the rank of 50… who could not force up to the next prof as soon as the rest.

2nd professional year
Pathology microbiology pharmacology disputative medicine and toxicology
Longest prof …..1.5 years of dreadedness , stories and scenarios were not quite the same. We got a slightly sensitized to the clinical side of our assertion.

3rd professional year
Was actually a reality check in many ways:
We were verily considered as ‘seniors’
We had completed within a little half of our MBBS career
We had grown up stoutly and we could feel it, and in round 3 years we will be endurance a mid life crisis (these things were appearing to have existence quite real now)
We realised the sombre realities of life, people may not stay the similar forever,
diamonds do, so invest your time and wealth wisely
What you think and what you want actually matter and anything otherwise is just worthless and not requiring your time and effor


And on the side of the people who think they be the subject of found ‘the love of their life’ are in truth. waiting for the college to be over, or do not understand the actually being love or maybe are too vulnerable to the hormone play

And since they say MBBS lasts for a life time, we had a affection that it would be ending betimes, and we had to think around the plans ahead
It is quite about a matter of priorities at the end

The human absurdity was rampant

Almost Everyone was showing faithful colours.
We were judging a lot……or as luck may have it we all knew a lot approximately each other.
Friendships broke due to errors of judgement
Every other day brought us closer to the fact in the world outside.

We got better…… to deal by the world and the worse we grew……to deal through ourselves.

Everyday we felt lucky……

To understand the people in the ward who cried in tease , who had no one around, who had nay limbs, whose children were not sensibility

well ….but there was enjoyment, near the gynae ward. But not a source of action would smile, not a soul knew which was going on …..they trusted the teacher , they would trust us, maybe succeeding a million years but they would safely.

Everyday we cried about our lives ,
But everyday we realised that we are here for a purpose

Completed Practical files cozen not determine your life, but the populate do

And if there was none reason to be found to live…….advance to a hospital , there are those the masses who can actually

The the bulk of mankind who

Make you perform that even if everyone abandons you, in that place will be people who will

And force your life

And in the expiration it would

Not matter what you deliberate , but what you learned.

______________________________________________shriya dhawan started writing….. limit recently she writes mostly describing the actually being life scenarios in a totally variant light

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